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How Does A Healthy Eating Plate Look Like

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If you are someone who is looking to lose weight and is often confused about the diet you should follow because of the overwhelming number of articles on the internet, you have come to the perfect place. 

We have researched the perfect solution that can help you select the right amount of healthy foods in a simple and easy way. Read on to find out how you can make improvements to your daily nutritional intake. 

The first step towards curating a diet plan for weight loss is to develop the habit of having a healthy eating plate. The Healthy Eating Plate is a concept that was developed by a group of nutritional experts at the esteemed Harvard School Of Public Health and the Harvard Medical School. It was created so that consumers could make healthy nutritional choices with several vegetables, animal-based proteins along nuts and pulses.

The Healthy Eating Plate lays emphasis on the quality of your nutritional intake as opposed to the quantity. It combines essential food groups such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats by including fresh and whole foods. 

You do not need to worry about how many carb foods you are putting in your body. Instead, the Healthy Eating Plate focuses on the type of carbs that you are eating. In nutrient groups like carbs, there are often good and bad sources. 

For example, good sources include whole grains and lentils whereas bad sources include french fries and sugary drinks. This concept can be a very good thing to follow especially in low carb diets.

There are several essential nutrients that are required in order to have a healthy eating plate, such as: 

Whole Grains: About 25% of your plate must be filled with whole grains. There are no specific rules as to the type of grains involved. You can consume your choice of whole grains as long as you ensure that they are not refined or polished grains. A few good sources of whole grains include whole-wheat bread and brown rice, wholegrain cereals

Make sure that you limit using harmful grains such as white rice and white bread in order to avoid developing health complications. 

Fats: Your fats are primarily derived from the oils used for cooking your food. It is important that you choose the right kind of cooking oils to consume as you will be using them on almost a daily basis. Opt for healthy cooking oils such as olive oil and coconut oil rather than unhealthy fats such as butter or margarine. These fats should comprise no more than 2% of your eating plate.

Healthy Proteins: Healthy sources of protein are responsible for another 25% of your Healthy Eating Plate. It is important that you choose the right sources of protein. Opt for healthier and fresh foods such as pulses, fish, and fresh meat. Avoid consuming processed and red meat. 

Vegetables: Vegetables are a major source of several essential nutrients and vitamins. It is vital that you choose to include several varieties of vegetables in your diet. Leafy greens can help aid your digestion. Make sure that the vegetable section of your plate is as colorful as possible in order to get the maximum health benefits. At the same time, avoid using starchy vegetables like potatoes, or use them in moderation. 

Fruits: Fruits are an essential part of a healthy balanced diet, as they have proven to be a rich source of several essential vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibers, and amino acids. It is important that you consume fresh and seasonal fruits. Stay away from processed fruits such as fruit juices and other sugary beverages.  

Water: Water is the most important part of your meal. It is recommended by WHO that you consume a minimum of two liters of fresh filtered water a day. In order to meet your water requirements, the Healthy Eating Plate recommends drinking two glasses of water with every meal. It is also advised that you avoid using carbonated drinks and sugary beverages. 

Make sure that you limit the consumption of milk and other dairy-based products to less than two servings per day. While moderate consumption of these products can be beneficial in the case of children, excessive consumption has been proven to bring forth several health complications in adults. 
Following the Healthy Eating Plate is not only a good way to lose weight but is also a great lifestyle choice to develop for people who want to stay fit and in shape.

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