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Useful Tips To Manage Your Weight

Are you fed up of being overweight or too skinny and are looking for some ways to healthy weight management? Then you are exactly on the right page.  There are people around the world who are struggling to lose weight while there are also a part of the population who wants to gain weight. Weight management isn’t always about shedding those extra kilos, it is managing a healthy weight and healthy body mass index (BMI).  We are here to help you achieve the perfect BMI so that you can look leaner and stay healthy at the same time.

Are you ready? Let us get started then:

  1. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits

The best ways to gain weight healthy weight isn’t starving your body, but to maintain a healthy dietary plan that includes all kinds of nutritious foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best low calorie source of drinks or vitamins, minerals, fibers and more such essential nutrients that can support a healthy lifestyle as well as help you manage your weight properly.

  1. Eat protein-rich foods and supplements

If you are looking for some of the best weight loss foods or in short weight management foods, then nothing can be better than including protein-rich foods or supplements to your daily diet. Foods and supplements like beans, lentils, meat, eggs, whey supplements, pea supplements, etc. are not only nutritious, but are also super tasty. These foods and dietary products can help to preserve lean muscles and also support healthy weight management.

  1. Keep a count of your calorie intake

You can use various mobile applications to know how much calorie intake your body needs as per your BMI or you can also consult a nutritionist to know the same. For healthy weight management you can log in every detail of what you are eating in a day and know how much calorie you have gulped down the whole day. In this way you can keep track of your calorie intake and can control your consumption as well.

  1. Don’t skip your meals

If you think starving yourself can help in obesity management or controlling your weight, then you are absolutely wrong. This will lead to numerous health issues and also tend to make you gain more weight. The best way to healthy weight management is to divide your meals into smaller ones. For example if you were only having 3 meals a day, then try to divide them into 6 or 7 portions within some gaps in between each meal.

  1. Do regular exercise

For proper weight control one needs to burn the extra calories that he/ she is gulping down the whole day. It will not only help in weight management, but is good for your health as well. Exercise will help you stay active and fresh  the whole day while managing your weight. 

  1. Mix and match your food items

If you think eating one type of macronutrient or micronutrient can help you manage your weight, then again you are thinking it in the wrong way. Be it dietary management of obesity or to diet to gain weight whatever it may be your body needs all kinds of nutrients to stay healthy. Your plate should contain a good amount of protein, some fiber, some carbs and some healthy source of vitamins and minerals (veggies and fruits).

  1. Keep the water flowing

Be it to gain weight or to lose weight you must drink adequate water and keep the water flowing properly in the body. Water can help to flush out the toxins from your body, regulate your metabolism rate as well as suppress your appetite. 

  1. Say bye-bye to sugar and refined foods

We know all that sugar loaded and refined food items tastes heavenly, but if you are seriously looking forward to healthy weight management, then come on you gotta stay away from them. There are a lot more healthy food items that you can include to your dietary plan for weight gain and weight loss. Instead of sugar opt for honey/ stevia or to satiate your sugar cravings try to have some fruits. Instead of having refined foods have whole wheat items and believe us they are way too healthy as well as tasty.

  1. Sleep soundly

For healthy weight management one needs to have sound sleep everyday. Are you confused how? Sleep can help to suppress your hunger pangs and that can help you to lose weight. When we don’t get adequate sound sleep, then our body starts making more ghrelin and less of leptin. This condition will leave you feeling more and more  hungry by increasing your appetite, thus making you gain weight.

  1. Say no to alcohol

If you are serious about your health and management of weight, then the first thing you gotta do is quit your habit of consuming alcohol. Alcohol won’t allow you to lose weight fast as it stops the body from burning fat. Additionally alcohol is high in kilojoules and can also increase your appetite, which could lead to poor and unhealthy food choices.

Conclusion: Be it weight loss or weight gain, it is always important to keep a positive attitude and lead a stress free life. Stress can often lead to binge eating and that can lead to gaining of weight in an unhealthy manner. Also, stress can lead to extreme weight loss as well. If you have any mental health issues, then you must consult a good psychiatrist and there is no harm or shame in doing so. Eat healthily, stay happy, and do regular exercise, these are the key to healthy weight management.

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