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International Coffee Day: 5 Ways to Make Your Favourite Beverage Healthier

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International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is observed on October 1 all around the world. The International Coffee Organisation chose October 1 as the day to honour this delectable caffeinated drink on World Coffee Day back in 2015. Some of us drink coffee in the morning, when catching up with old friends, while going out for coffee with colleagues, or just when we’re feeling down. Among all of the popular caffeinated drinks, coffee is without a doubt a classic.

The drink offers numerous medical benefits in addition to being a good energizer. In the morning, coffee is a popular beverage. Some people use it as their go-to beverage to get the boost they need for the day. Coffee can be beneficial in many ways as long as it is monitored and consumed in moderation.

Sadly, the calories in your regular cup of coffee can add up rapidly. While a cup of black coffee has only a few calories by itself, adding milk, flavourings, and sugar can quickly raise that number.

5 Ways To Make Your Coffee Days Healthier

Let’s look at some ways to make your everyday beverage healthier on this international coffee day 2022. The good news is that there are quick fixes to make your coffee days a little bit healthier.

1. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners 

The majority of the components in artificial sweeteners are highly processed and do not benefit your health. Sweeteners can increase cravings despite the fact that they have no calories, which can lead to obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

It’s never a good idea to add too much sugar to your coffee. The high fructose content has no beneficial effects on your body. If absolutely necessary, you might sweeten your coffee with stevia (a natural sweetener). In the same sense, stay away from artificial creamers as well because they are made with hydrogenated oils and corn syrup solids.

2. Choose Organic Brands 

The quality and health benefits of your coffee must be taken into account. Coffee’s quality is influenced by a variety of elements, including how it is cultivated and how it is processed. Studies show that organic brands are the best since, unlike conventional brands, they are not created by spraying synthetic pesticides and other chemicals.

Even if they could be a little more expensive than standard brands, always choose organic coffee because it will help safeguard your health in the long term.

3. Make It Black 

Eliminate the milk and cream from your coffee if you want to make it healthier. Drinking black coffee, which has fewer than 10 calories per 8-ounce cup, is the simplest method to protect yourself from the toxins and fat in the sweeteners and creamers.

4. Brew Using a Paper Filter 

Brewed coffee contains cafestol, which might increase blood cholesterol levels. But it is possible to lower the levels of cafestol, for example, by using a paper filter. When coffee is brewed with a paper filter, the amount of cafestol is reduced while still allowing for the passage of caffeine and healthy antioxidants.

5. Add Cocoa 

Due to its abundance of antioxidants and other therapeutic benefits, cocoa is a great addition to coffee that may make it both sweet and nutritious. A little cocoa powder can enhance the flavour of your coffee while also lowering your risk of heart disease. Make sure not to add more than a little teaspoon.

6. Add Grass-Fed Butter 

Bulletproof coffee is a high-performance beverage with butter that you may have heard of. Black coffee with grass-fed butter added will help you improve your overall health and cognitive performance. With a hand-held blender, mix in half a teaspoon of butter.


Adopting almond milk, avoiding having coffee on an empty stomach, consuming a cup of water before coffee, and forgoing coffee after 2 o’clock are other ways to have a healthier relationship with this beverage.

Coffee is the ideal conversation starter and can help you get through difficult times. However, consuming too much caffeine can be dangerous, so be sure to have moderate amounts of coffee each day. Be mindful of the above-mentioned tips before you go for your next cup!

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