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Let’s Make World A Better Place For People With Down Syndrome

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

world down syndrome day

Every year, the world celebrates World Down Syndrome Day on 2 March to advocate for the rights and integrity of people with Down syndrome. With help from society, medical science, family support, nutrition and stress management, you can make their life better. All they need is support and love not sympathy. 

Know About Down Syndrome:

 International down syndrome day is spreading awareness of Down syndrome which is also known as trisomy 21. It is a condition wherein a baby is born with an additional copy of the 21st chromosome. This hampers the mental and physical development in them. Many disabilities caused by it are lifelong and also reduce life expectancy. 

Different Types Of Down Syndrome:

Mainly there are three types of Down syndrome.

type of Down syndrome
  1. Translocation: In this type of down syndrome, children have only an additional part of the 21st chromosome. As there are 46 chromosomes in general, in translocation one of them consists of one extra piece of chromosome attached to the 21st one. 
  2. Trisomy 21: In this type of down syndrome, there is an extra copy of the 21st chromosome in each cell. 
  3. Mosaicism: This type of Down syndrome takes place when a child is born with one extra chromosome in some of the cells in the 21st  but not in every cell. 

Symptoms of Down Syndrome:

At a birth, there are some signs and symptoms through which you can get the baby experiencing Down syndrome. 

  • Small head
  • Small ears
  • Flat facial features
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Eyes are upward
  • Short neck

Children with Down syndrome are usually born with average size but as they grow up their developmental disabilities vary to some extent. They could have:

  • Poor judgement skills
  • Slow learning abilities
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Attention issues

People with Down syndrome face medical complications like:

  • Hearing loss
  • Leukemia
  • Hip issues
  • Congenital heart issues
  • Clouded eyes
  • Sleeping issues
  • Low thyroid functions
  • memory problems
  • Obesity
  • Alzheimer’s diseases
  • Delay in tooth growth
  • Chewing issues
  • Poor eyesight

Treatment of Down Syndrome:

As of now, medical science has not found the right treatment of it but there are many educational programs to help them. 

  • Social skills
  • Motor skills
  • Cognitive and language skills
  • Self help skills
  • Sensory abilities

Today People With Down Syndrome: 

Though there is no very effective treatment available, people with the syndrome have been shown some significant improvement in recent years. Today their life expectancy has increased and most of them have reached 60 years unlike the past when they couldn’t even make it till their 10th birthday. Down syndrome day is a support for the people who want to give a normal life to their child with down syndrome. For that parents need a strong relationship with medical professionals especially in conditions like leukemia and heart issues. With understanding family and strong medical support, they have managed to live thriving lives even after facing different sets of challenges. With down syndrome awareness day you can lessen these challenges or empower them to fight against these. 

Don’t forget to wish Happy world down syndrome day this 21st march and support the integrity and rights of people with the syndrome and their family. Let’s make a better world for people with Down Syndrome.

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