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Start Your New Year’s Day with Renewed Fitness Goals

Written By healthkart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

New Year's Day

We are all set to welcome the year 2022 with high hopes. Most of us are hopeful that this year will bring in a lot of great opportunities for everyone around the world. New year is the time to start a fresh life and break all your bad habits. Fitness and wellness are usually a part of our resolutions. However, making resolutions that are feasible can help us start well from the New Year’s Day itself. 

We have come up with a few ideas that you can apply to your daily lifestyle and stay healthy. Are you ready? Let us get started.

Eat Healthy to Meet Your Fitness Goals

Before we start on how to reduce those extra pounds from your body by sweating, let us first keep a check on the amount of calories that you eat everyday. For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you need to eat healthy and limit your calorie intake to a great extent. If you’re planning to make your diet plan on the New Year’s Day, make sure it consists of the following nutrients:

1. Protein 

Every cell in our body comprises protein. Human beings need protein in their diet to help the body repair cells and generate new ones. This macronutrient is essential for growth and development in children and teenagers. If your new year resolution is to build lean muscle mass, you need the right intake of protein. Our body also needs protein to repair muscles and generate enzymes that help in digesting foods.

Some of the food items and supplements that are a rich source of protein are dairy products, Whey protein, pea protein, soybean, pulses, meat, and eggs.

2. Carbohydrates 

Just like protein, carbohydrates are equally important for your body. Carbs provide your body with the energy that it needs to function properly.  

However, this does not mean you can have a whole pizza loaded with cheese during your 2022 new year celebration. You should have carbs but in a moderate amount. You need to avoid white bread or white rice and go for their healthier alternatives instead (brown bread and brown rice). Some of the sources of carbohydrates are brown rice, barley, quinoa, carb blend supplements, potatoes, etc.

3. Healthy Fats 

Unsaturated fats acts as a primary fuel for the body and can help a lot to sustain those long hours of exercise sessions. These are essential sources of omega 3 fatty acids and healthy calories. Some of the sources of healthy fats that can be included in your diet plan to enhance your fitness goals include avocados, nuts, seeds, fish that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and olives.

4. Micronutrients 

Along with macronutrients, your body also needs good amounts of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Try to include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. You can also try some supplements if you feel like but it’ll be great if you do it after taking an expert’s advice.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Along with a healthy diet plan you must also include a lot of fluids to the fitness goal for the year 2022. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Along with that, you can include fruit juices, green tea, buttermilk, etc. to your diet. Fluids will help to reduce your weight, keep you hydrated, flush out toxins from the body, reduce constipation, and much more. 

Burn Calories

You might avoid sugar, eat less carbs and do everything to keep your calories low. However, your body still needs to burn those calories in order to lose those extra pounds. Since gyms have shut down owing to Omicron outbreak, let us check out some of the other effective ways that’ll help you lose weight:

1. Dancing

Don’t you love to groove on your favourite music? Then why not put on your favourite song and dance till you drop. Dancing is one of the best ways of losing weight and also allows you to have lots of fun.

2. Cycling

Remember the old times when cycling was so fun as a kid? You can still try paddling on those memory lanes while losing a good amount of body fat. Cycling is one of the best types of cardio that can be done to reduce body weight.

3. Swimming

We all love to dive into the swimming pool of a resort and click pictures for Instagram. Don’t we? Then why don’t you enroll into a swimming club, splash into the pool and swim your heart out for that ideal body. 


Give a great start to your New Year’s Day and take a pledge to stick to your fitness resolutions. Kickstart your year in high spirits and make sure not to lose your momentum when it comes to healthy lifestyle.

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