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The Inspiring Story Of Wheelchair Bodybuilder: Nick Scott

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Nick Scott Bodybuilder

“Where there is a will, there is a way“ is one of the most famous proverb phrases that we have been hearing since our childhood.  The inspiring story of Nick Scott, the wheelchair bodybuilder is the right example that can define this strong phrase. 

Born as a normal kid like you and me, Nick Scott was living his life as any teenager would do. Until he met with a devastating car accident at the age of 16, which turned his life upside down. Nick bodybuilder is an American IFBB professional wheelchair bodybuilder who currently resides in the city of Ottawa, Canada. As a teenager, he loved to play football and soon started to make a name for himself as a daunting American football player. However, the car accident soon moved his life into another direction.  The doctor told him that he was paralyzed from the waist down and would barely be able to walk. This incident made him gravely depressed and hit him so hard that he started adding a lot of weight. He went from 165 pounds to more than 300 pounds. 

Things took a turn when he started to go to the gymnasium with his brother to lose weight and ended up finding a new sense of purpose in his life. Bodybuilder Nick Scott thought if he cannot play football, or any sports, then one thing he could at least be was stronger than everybody else. And that is when he started doing powerlifting, and ended up becoming a two-time world powerlifting champion.

“What I hope to accomplish is showing people it is about turning disabilities into possibilities.”- says Nick Scott bodybuilder.  Today he is a professional speaker, an author, world famous professional bodybuilder, a wheelchair ballroom dancer, author and an entrepreneur. This man uses his enthusiasm, life experiences ,farsightedness, convictions, and his abilities to reach out to millions of people in this world. He loves to inspire and raise a new ray of hope to people going through similar situations. He inspires people who are not aware of their personal strength and competencies. Nick tries to make everyone believe that one can tap into success if and only if they believe in themselves and try hard to reach out their goals. His inspiring story, motivational talks and will power has inspired and transformed thousands of individuals  around the world. The long list of people who got inspired by Nick includes professional athletes, senior executives, etc. He also helped a lot of organizations and corporations across the country with his motivational story. He encourages everyone to break through and set new levels of peak performance and success. 

 Here are some of the professional accomplishments of Nick Scott bodybuilder:

  • 2011 Houston Pro:  2nd and 7th Place
  • FitScience Fitness Championship Atlanta, Pro Division: 1st Place 
  • NPC Wheelchair Nationals Florida: Overall Winner
  • NPC Wheelchair Nationals Florida, Heavyweight: 1st Place 
  • NPC USA Wheelchair Championship Louisiana: 1st Place – Heavyweight
  • NPC Muscle Mayhem Missouri: 1st Place – Wheelchair
  • NPC Wheelchair Nationals Florida: 2nd Place – Heavyweight
  • NPC Central Texas Showdown: Overall Winner
  • NPC Central Texas Showdown: 1st Place in wheelchair
  • NPC Central Texas Showdown: 1st Place in wheelchair mixed pairs
  • NPC USA Continental: 1st Place in wheelchair category at St Charles, Illinois NPC
  • NPC Wheelchair Nationals Florida, Heavyweight: 1st Place 
  • NANBF Kansas City Gold’s Classic, Mixed Pairs: 3rd Place 
  • Bench Press Championships: Pinnacle, 1st place in 195-210 lbs Weight Class
  • Bench Press Championships: Pinnacle, Overall Champion
  • Bench Press: Overall winner at Ottawa University, Lightweight category
  • Bench Press: Ottawa University, 198lbs Weight Class: 1st  place 

Nick always ensures that he follows a balanced nutrition plan that could enable him to reap the benefits from his hard workout sessions. He firmly believes in consuming clean and emphasises on the consumption of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lots of protein.

“One of the highlights of my career was getting wheelchair bodybuilding acknowledged as a professional sport,” was said by Nick in an interview. In the year 2006, Nick created a website that helped to train a lot of people. This website also offers a wide range of Nick workout programs. Nick is the only fitness trainer in the world who has come up with programs and exercises that are specifically curated for the disabled. 

No doubt Nick is an inspiration to millions of people in this world. You can always read his motivational book, see his videos and learn more about him and his journey. Believe in yourself and workout hard to achieve your goals, you will truly succeed one day.

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