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Can you eat anything while bulking?

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Clean bulking
Know The Source of Calories
Supplements For Bulking

Bodybuilding revolves around two types of physique:  lean bulk and bulking up. Both demand different approaches to achieve. You have to follow different diet plans. In the lean bulk diet plan, you mostly focus on a less calories diet whereas in the bulking diet meal plan you have to maintain the large calorie diet. Both follow different types of training schedules as well. In bulk, you have to do weight training but in lean bulking you have to focus on repetitions rather than increase the weights and more focus on cardio exercises. In lean bulking your eating options are limited but a weight gain diet is filled with a lot of possibilities. Happy and ready to take a leap for bulking up ! Wait and think. Do we can gorge on anything we want to eat for better body bulk

Know The Source of Calories: 

People need calories to gain weight but there are various sources of it. Can you include all of them in your bulking diet plan ? Before answering it, you have to know the sources of calories. There are mainly two types of calories though which we can do bulking. 

  1. Dirty Bulking: When we say dirty bulking it means taking calories in unhealthy ways. Junk foods, processed foods, cold drinks, soda, and oily foods are the main reasons for it. Though these are the foods to increase weight, not relevant to muscle building. In general, people say them as fat gain foods
  2. Clean Bulking: The natural source of calories are called clean bulking. We have plenty of options for high calorie foods for bulking including starchy foods, whole grains, and others. There are many other sources of calories like supplements that you can use for clean bulking as well. 

Supplements For Bulking: 

Muscle gain foods are good but you need supplements for faster results. Here are some of them. 

  1. Protein Supplements: Bulking without protein is very hard to imagine. People in fitness surely recommend protein to gain weight although it is very useful in weight loss. Protein reduces your appetite and boosts your metabolism. You must be wondering how a nutrient which functions opposite of weight gaining would be really helpful in bulking. Actually, protein supports increasing muscle mass and strength that helps you to lift more weights. Unwanted fat is converted into muscles with a protein rich diet. Include such foods like eggs, milk, soy, peas, and others in your weight gain diet plan. But it is hard to get only protein for your bulking purposes as these natural sources consist of other nutrients and fibers. So, you have to go for supplements. There are brands which provide you from the best tasting whey protein, plant based protein, to highest quality protein. 
  • JustHer protein
  • HealthKart poiten
  • MuscleBlaze protein
  • GNC protein
  1. Mass Gainers: Calorie plays an important role in weight gain. You have to consume more calories than you burn for bulk up. Use only clean calories for this. Incorporate calorie  rich foods in your diet plan for gaining muscle. Some of the weight gain fruits are mango, papaya, muskmelon, watermelon, and others that are rich in calorie profiles. Some vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, spinach, starchy vegetables are high calorie foods for weight gain.  Along with them whole grain foods are the best foods for bulking. So include them in your bulking diet. For faster results you can use some of the best mass gainers from the house of:
  1. BCAA Supplements: While doing bulk up you must take care of faster muscle recovery along with foods to gain weight. Muscles tears while doing exercises but can’t get recovered without proper nutrition. BCAAs play an important role in faster muscle recovery. Only after that muscle mass develops. Though you can get BCAAs from the sources like fish, eggs, meat, and others but here are some of the top BCAA supplements from brands like:
  • MuscleBlaze
  • Scivation Xtend
  • MyProtein
  • BigMuscles

Can you eat anything while bulking? The simple and direct answer is “No”. It is very important to know the source of calories before putting something in the month. Be watchful and count your calories and enjoy the bulking up.

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