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Types of Belly Fat and Causes Behind Them

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Types of belly fat

Multiple exercises, diet changes, and even medications are used to reduce belly fat and get that flat tummy you can flaunt. But do you know that having a flat stomach is not so easy? There are different types of belly fat and each one of them is cured in different ways. Read further to know about these different types and what you can do if you are dealing with one of them.

6 Types of Belly Fat

Some of the common types of belly fat which can be seen are mentioned below:

1. Stressed Belly

Body fat can get accumulated in the belly region if you are leading a stressful life. When you are stressed, a hormone called cortisol is produced in the body which increases belly fat and makes the weight loss process difficult. Therefore, it is very important to maintain stress levels and take proper sleep.

2. Hormonal Belly

The hormones produced in our body have a great effect on fat accumulation. Hormones such as insulin, oestrogen, and cortisol increase the fat accumulation in the belly and make it difficult for an individual to lose fat.

3. Bloated Belly

Digestion-related problems such as food allergies, unhealthy diet, and eating too fast can lead to bloating. Bloating is a clear indication that you have some digestive problem that is leading to fat accumulation in your belly. It is important to increase the intake of fibre and water to reduce bloating.

4. Alcohol Belly

If you regularly consume alcohol, it is possible that you have fat accumulation in your belly area. Increase your intake of green fruits and vegetables and cut the consumption of alcohol to reduce this type of belly fat.

5. Mommy Belly

This is one of the common types of belly fat females have to deal with. If you gave birth some time ago, it is normal that you will have some fat accumulated in your belly area. But if this continues for a long period, then it might be because of some underlying issue. It is important to consult a doctor in such cases as it can lead to urinary and digestive issues in the future. Increase the intake of nuts and fish to improve this condition.

6. Subcutaneous Fat Belly

Subcutaneous belly fat is also quite a common condition and while it is not a very serious health issue, it can affect your physical appearance and self-esteem. To reduce the subcutaneous fat in the belly area, try doing exercise for belly fat. One should exercise regularly such as running, cycling, waist circles, and stretching. It is among the types of belly fat males experience.

How to Reduce Belly Fat?

Multiple types of belly fat can be seen and most of them can be reduced by improving the regular diet and a little bit of exercise. You can try eating foods that burn belly fat and include exercises that reduce belly fat in your daily routine. Some of the best ways to reduce belly fat are:

1. Reduce the Calories in Your Diet

If your diet contains a lot of calories, then it is obvious that you will see the accumulation of fat in the belly region. It is important to get into a calorie-deficient diet to reduce belly fat.

2. Don’t Consume Trans Fat

Food items that are deep fried and junk food contain a lot of trans fat that increases the calories as well as the fat in the abdomen. Trans Fat is also known to accumulate around the belly region specifically – so, if you are trying to reduce belly fat, you have to say no to trans fat.

3. Reduce the Sugar Levels

Intake of too much sugar can make your body resistant to insulin and this can start fat accumulation in the belly area. When the sugar you take is not converted into energy, it gets converted into fat and is stored in the belly area so it is important to reduce sugar consumption if you are trying to reduce belly fat.

4. Include Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Your Regular Diet

Fish oil, nuts, flax seeds, and Chia seeds are some of the main sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and they increase the insulin sensitivity in your body. This helps in the usage of sugar and reduces fat accumulation in the belly.

5. Reduce Stress

Hormonal belly, which is mainly caused due to increased stress levels, can be cured by reducing the stress level which in turn decreases the cortisol production in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone that increases fat accumulation in the belly region.

6. Get Proper Sleep

Along with a proper diet, it is also important to get at least 7 hours of sleep to reduce belly fat. Not getting proper sleep increases stress levels which in turn increases belly fat.

7. Make Exercise a Part of Your Routine

You can incorporate exercises to lose belly fat such as jogging, cycling, and skipping. These are simple exercises that have a great impact when you are trying to lower belly fat. 

8. Increase the Protein Content in Your Diet

Converting protein into energy uses a lot of calories that are stored in your body. This will help in burning fat and therefore, reducing belly fat.


All of us want that flat tummy and want to wear clothes that flatter our bodies. There are multiple ways to lose belly fat but it is also important to know what is causing the accumulation of fat around your belly so that you can take proper steps to reduce it. 

Making some changes in your diet and including exercise will help you reduce belly fat. Along with that, maintain your stress levels and get proper sleep to stop the accumulation of fat.

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