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Weight Gaining For Kids

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Weight gaining diet for kids

While most of the kids struggle to maintain their weight, a small percent struggle to gain weight. Before you opt for any weight gain diet plan for kids or weight gain diet plan for toddlers, it is essential to follow the general healthy eating guidelines that are recommended for all children. Junk food and fast food is a big no when it comes to helping your child in weight gain; they may increase the caloric intake but won’t provide the necessary nutrients for healthy development and growth. Consult a certified pediatrician from HealthKart to understand your child’s nutrition requirements before making any random weight gain diet plan for children because every child has different nutritional needs. 

Calories, Kids and Weight Gain 

Children require an adequate intake of calories for development and growth, with needs ranging from 1200 calories- 2600calories a day as per the age, activity and gender. Adding more calories to your child’s diet can promote weight gain. Every child has different calorie requirements, increasing intake by 250 calories per day can result in a weight gain of 220g per week. So, monitor your child intake and weight and make the necessary adjustments by increasing or reducing 100 calories at a time as required. And don’t be anxious, slow and steady pace of weight gain is safe and healthy. 

Well Balanced Nutrition 

Although you focus on weight gain and extra calories, make sure your child nutrition should include a healthy and balanced diet to get all the necessary nutrients for proper development and growth along with healthy weight gain. Provide your child with a healthy mix of food groups such as vegetables, fruits, proteins, grains, dairy and healthy fats such as nuts, oils and seeds. 


How can I increase my child’s weight?

By increasing the portion sizes of starchy foods such as rice, bread, potatoes and pasta at mealtime, can help in increasing the child’s weight. 

What is the best meal plan to gain weight?

The best weight gain meal plan includes peanut butter, eggs, nut butters, bean soups, full-fat milk, hummus, cheese and yogurt. Some of the best carbohydrate choices are pasta, whole-wheat pasta and bread, potatoes, hot cereal and corn. 

How can I gain weight in 7 days at home?

If you want to gain weight safely and healthily, it is crucial to do it right. Eat more calories than you burn, eat lots of protein, carbs and healthy fat, 3 times a day. Eat energy-dense foods prepared in spices and condiments and lift weight to improve your strength. 

How can I get my 5 year old to gain weight?

Looking for a meal plan for toddlers to gain weight? There are a few things you can do to increase your child’s calorie consumption such as bulk up mashed potatoes by putting cheese or milk in it, give milk puddings, and instead of preparing soups with water use milk. 

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Weight gaining diet for kids
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