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What Affects Your Consistency in Following a Workout Routine?

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

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Factors That Affect Workout Routine Consistency

One of the most common promises that we make to ourselves is to exercise regularly. But believe it or not, more than 90% fail to keep their promise. Being able to maintain a workout routine consistently is the greatest challenge that most people face. But having said this, regular exercise remains paramount for the body and mind. What requires correction is the workout mistakes people commonly make. Read through to know about the factors that affect workout routine consistency and possible ways to fix them.

Factors That Affect Workout Routine Consistency

The reasons are aplenty. Every individual will have a personal reason for not being able to stick to the decided fitness regimen. But as the benefits of exercising regularly are far more copious, it’s important to pinpoint the factors that jeopardise the success. Listed below are a few common reasons and possible ways to fix them:

1. You Get Bored

Not enjoying your workout routine is the main reason why people want to change course. Understandably, no one wants to sweat it all out for something that doesn’t motivate them. 

How to fix it: To follow a workout routine consistently start with something you enjoy doing the most. Walking, yoga, cycling, swimming, gym; the possibilities are endless. Just figure out what suits your lifestyle and personality. Once you have a consistent workout routine, you can slowly increase intensity levels and explore variations.

2. Timing Mismatch

Just like your choice of exercise, the timings too must be suitable to follow a workout routine consistently. If you have something else on your mind every time you step out to exercise, chances are high that you begin contemplating taking a break from your workout routine.

How to fix it: Depending upon your responsibility levels on the personal, family, and professional front, pick a time when you are all by yourself. This will turn out to be the best workout time with the least distractions and interruptions. You can also try family-friendly fitness exercises that even the kids might enjoy.

3. Too Strenuous

Every exercise will appear hard and strenuous, especially if you are just getting started. While you’ll gain stamina as you become consistent, the start indeed is an uphill task which pushes many to detract. 

How to fix it: Start a workout routine with lighter exercises and slowly increase the timing and intensity of the workout. Slower and light exercises will help you build stamina for heavier workouts. Also, starting with heavier workouts directly or long exercise hours will drain your muscle strength, making you prone to injuries.

4. Cost

The cost involved in enrolling on a regulated fitness program or hiring a personal trainer does not go down well with everyone. Furthermore, with the repetitive cost involved, people often derail their workout routine consistency due to a lack of funds. 

How to fix it: There are a host of exercises that do not require any enrolment fee or repetitive charges. Consider one of those like walking, running, or jogging. But do invest in good fitness wear because it will improve your comfort level. Furthermore, one can download a good fitness app on a smartphone. This works just as well as a personal fitness trainer who offers workout ideas, keeps track of your activity as well as progress, and keeps you motivated – everything at no extra cost.

5. No Visible Progress

Exercise yields results but it’s not a magic wand. People often get restless within a few days of exercising for lack of visible reduction in weight or inches. This frustration pushes them to quit.

How to fix it: When you begin to exercise, start without a fitness goal. The body requires at least 12 weeks to show the first signs of change. Once you reach this stage, set realistic goals and stay focused.

6. Lack of Accountability 

Lack of accountability is a major factor in workout routine inconsistency. If you are not answerable to anyone for not showing up on a particular day, you slowly begin to lose strings. 

How to fix it: For a majority of people, some kind of outside force helps them stay on track. Be it your exercise buddy, personal fitness trainer, or a small social group; make sure you are answerable to them when you do not show up.

7. Body Feels Sore and Tired

Once you start exercising, it’s natural to feel tired and drained. But this acts as a common reason to skip, alter, or quit the workout routine. However, it is important to understand that it’s only after a few days of consistent exercise that the body will gain stamina and endurance. 

How to fix it: Good diet plays an important role in preparing the body for a consistent full body workout routine. Adequate protein intake is crucial for muscle building and repair. Avoid eating foods that make you feel bloated and lazy. Instead, switch to foods that keep you active and agile. Remember to include post-workout proteins for increased endurance.

8. Unreasonable Targets

We all dream big. While there is no harm in getting bigger and higher targets, when it comes to workout routine it’s the small and achievable goals that make a difference. 

How to fix it: A simple way to correct this workout mistake is by setting daily targets. Take one day at a time and challenge yourself for smaller bouts of exercise. Increase the intensity and duration of your workout routine only when you begin to witness the changes in your body. Till then, go slow but be passionate.

9. No Game Plan

Starting the workout without a set plan for that particular day will not yield any result. Therefore, it is important to set your intentions and focus right. 

How to fix it: Plan your workout time in your mind. Think about small targets you wish to achieve in a day’s work. But before you decide on the intensity of your workout for the day, listen to your body (its needs and problems, if any.) 

10. Distraction

Thanks to technology, it’s so easy to get distracted. According to research findings, a smartphone is one of the biggest distractions, leading to workout routine inconsistency. 

How to fix it – Smartphones are a necessary evil. But we can always decide how to use it effectively. If you tend to get distracted from frequent calls and messages during your workout routine, switch off or put your phone on silent mode. Not carrying your phone along can also help cut down unwanted distractions. You could use a smartwatch instead. It is a good way to take note of all your fitness stats.  


Remember, making a workout routine a habit will entail time and effort. While regular workouts help improve physical and mental fitness, finding the motivation and time to exercise consistently is always challenging. Developing the right fitness strategy is important to maintaining a workout routine. Always focus on small achievable targets. And remember not to overstress your muscles and joints by overtraining, a common workout mistake that may sometimes lead to irreversible damage. It’s the small steps that will go a long way in making your workout routine more rewarding, both physically and mentally.

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