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What Is the Best Type of Protein for Weight Loss?

Written By Sumit Sinha

All the protein powder brands which contain whey protein and other natural sources of protein can fall in the best protein supplement categories for weight loss. Although this is an essential factor but some other nutrients or factors do include like amount of vitamins and minerals, BCAAs, and contents of carbs and fats. 

When you are on a weight loss regime, you have to cut the calories intake without sacrificing the essential nutrients. Make sure your best protein supplement ensures that. 

To get the right answer you have to ask some other questions while purchasing the protein supplements that include what are the nutrients the supplement has? What amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals that supplement has? Is there more than 200 calories in a serving of supplements? And many others. Once you get the answers of these questions now check if some of your answers match mine if not all. 

The best protein supplement should have a rich source of protein from the natural sources like eggs, whey, soy, pea, and others. Along with that it should have the essential vitamins and minerals, omega fatty acids, high fiber contents, digestive enzymes, and amino acids. But there should be a constraint on carbohydrates and fat. 

When you are in the weight loss regime, you should cap on your calorie intake. For that you should read the calories amount written on your supplement. Aslo count the calories that you are taking from food, tea, and others. An average man should have 2,500 calories for maintaining the status quo. So your protein powder brands should offer less than 200 calories if you are in a weight loss regime. 

Best Type of Protein for Weight Loss:

There are two great sources of protein: first is plant based and second is animal based that helps you in weight loss journey. Based on these two sources protein powder brands have come up with their products that include.

  • Whey protein powder: The most celebrated protein that bestows many health benefits including healthy weight loss. It is found in the milk and can be obtained while cheese making. It decreases appetite and increases the sense of fullness throughout the day. So that we will avoid binge eating.  As the body can absorb and digest this protein easily, it is good taking the whey protein powder after your training for recovery as well as muscle building. It is also good for regulating the blood sugar level and cholesterol levels. Usually, a good whey protein contains 24 grams whey in a serving. 
  • Casein Protein: It is another protein that is found in milk. Although it digests at a slower rate than whey protein does, shares weight loss and many other benefits. When the protein is exposed to stomach acids, it takes the curd’s form and takes almost seven hours to digest. Slower processes of digestion help you to feel fuller for a long time and decrease the appetite. It is found more effective in weight loss in comparison of whey protein. It is also a great source of calcium that aids in the weight loss process. 
  • Soy Protein: It is a plant based protein that is considered as good as whey protein. It is a good source of essential amino acids that are not produced by the body itself yet necessary for healthy lifestyle. The soy protein is a rich source of premium protein that is more appealing to vegans or those who are allergic to milk and its products. It has also shown the impact on appetite that helps in reducing the weight loss by controlling our eating habits. It is more effective than egg protein when it comes to reducing the amount of calories we consume. 

So what is the best protein for fat loss that you want to choose among them to give a push to a weight loss journey. Nowadays protein bars are getting more appealing to people. You can use a protein bar when you are travelling or away from your meal or protein powder to fulfil protein amount in the body. It is a convenient as well as tasty way to increase the protein intake in the body. 

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