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Why Do Home Workout Plans Fail

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

The pandemic has forced us all to resort to alternate forms of staying fit with most gyms and health clubs being close or even considered hot-spots for an infection. Added to that, we have been restricted to our homes for various reasons. The only way to stay fit is finding the best in home exercises that help you stay in shape and meet all your fitness goals. 

However, despite having a lot more time on our hands and the luxury of being at home, many of us struggled to follow through with our home workout plans. There are some reasons why even people who are regular to the gym or group fitness classes fail when it comes to home exercises to lose weight. Let us take a look at the reasons and the possible solutions that could keep you on track with your fitness plan. 

5 Reasons Why Home Workouts Fail  

Whether it is at home yoga or any other form of exercise, the follow through is usually not the same as attending classes or joining a club. Why is it that most home exercises and plans fail? Let us find out: 

  1. The Luxury of Time 

This is the most important cause for the failure of home exercises to lose weight. When you visit a gym or a class, you are forced to set aside some time exclusively to get to space and work out. However, when you are working out at home, you have the luxury of time. This is when a lot of things take priority and eat into your workout time. 

The solution: Fix a time for your workout and commit to it. Whether it is one hour of at home yoga or even a set of body weight exercises, make sure you choose the most convenient time of the day and ensure that you get a good workout, no matter what. 

  1. The Lack of Proper Equipment 

We are restricted in terms of the variety of exercises that we can perform at home because we do not have enough equipment. This is a very popular notion. However, you will be surprised to know how many home exercises to lose weight or gain weight, require minimal to no equipment. HIIT and yoga are the most popular types of workouts that give you fantastic results with just some consistency in your training. 

The Solution: Look for bodyweight workout options or invest in simple equipment like kettlebells or resistance bands. You also have several hacks online that let you use simple household stuff as weights to get the same results that you wish for. 

  1. No Guidance

You normally work with a trainer when you are at a gym or health club. If you are a novice, you definitely need someone to guide you with your training process. One option that is best suited for most people is to find a workout buddy with some experience. This can help you feel more confident when you begin to work out. You can also learn along the way until you are self-sufficient to perform in-house exercises on your own. 

The Solution: There are several one-on-on virtual classes that you can book. These are recommended as you receive the right guidance from a trainer. Using an app or getting workout plans from the internet are options for slightly more experienced individuals who have the understanding of basic postures. This ensures that you do not have any injuries or issues along the way. 

  1. No Motivation 

When it comes to in home exercises, there are so many distractions that seem like a better option in comparison to sweating it out for an hour. Be it television time or just curling up in bed for a few more minutes, there are many things that make you want to postpone your workout time or cancel it for the day entirely. 

The Solution: Make a fitness goal and keep it where you can look at it through the day. This is a reminder for you to stay on track. You can also set smaller goals each day and then work your way up into a one-hour training session. Don’t forget to wear the right attire for in home yoga or any workout plan that you choose. 

  1. Absence of Your Peer Group 

Of course, friends that you make in your classes or the gym are a big reason to keep you going back. When you have to work out all by yourself, it can be boring. Therefore, you may never get a good workout at all. 
The Solution: Time your training sessions with a friend and catch up virtually to work out together. You can also include a family member in your plan in order to have some company when you are training.

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