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Difference Between Collagen and Collagen Builder

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

Collagen is one of the most abundantly found proteins in the body and is responsible for carrying out several important functions. It is constituted of several amino acid building blocks such as Glycine, Proline, and Hydroxyproline which are structurally reinforced by Vitamin C

As we age, it can be a difficult task for our body to absorb and synthesize several essential micronutrients and amino acids, such as collagen, which is why it is important to supplement our daily balanced diet with sources of these essential nutrients. 

A collagen builder is a plant-based supplement that has been specially formulated to naturally boost collagen synthesis in our body without sourcing it externally from sources such as animal protein. 

Let us understand more about the salient differences between collagens and collagen builders, and how their consumption affects us. 


Here are a few key distinctions between animal-based collagen powder and plant-based collagen builders:

Presence of peptides 

Most animal based collagen supplements are usually collagen from bovine sources like hide, and are a rich source of peptides. Unlike collagen supplements, collagen builders do not contain peptides that are derived from animal cells. They simply contain plant-based collagen powder beneficial for boosting the body’s production of collagen. 

Presence of contaminants

Supplements with collagen are primarily derived from sources like animal hide, which require to be processed thoroughly. There is always a chance of contamination due to a lack of proper handling and processing. Consuming collagen supplements that have been contaminated can lead to several complications such as food poisoning, nausea, fatigue, and weakness.

On the other hand, a collagen builder which is plant-based has little to no chances of being contaminated due to the lack of anaerobic respiration and bacterial decay.

Directness Of Absorption

Collagen supplements are formulated to be instantly absorbed by the body in order to give the maximum result. The fibrous long chain proteins are synthesized more easily and incorporated into the bloodstream.

Collagen supplements on the other hand require more time to be absorbed by the body. They initially react with the body’s ascorbic acid to regain structural integrity and then help with the production and reorganization of new collagen fibers via fibroblast cell stimulation. 

Importance Of Collagen And Collagen Builders

Consuming supplements with collagen helps in keeping your skin, hair, and teeth healthy while reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen is primarily found in the connective tissues of animals, such as chicken or pork skin. Bone broth, a concoction made from infusing the bones of various animals, is one of the most popular and potent sources of collagen. 

However, there has been an alarming rate of increase in collagen deficiency as more and more people are choosing to opt for specific diets such as vegetarianism and veganism. Due to the lack of plant-based sources of collagen, scientists have invented vegan collagen or collagen builders to fulfill the collagen gap in such cases. 

Consuming collagen or its builders can have the following benefits for the body: 

  • Boosts Muscle Mass: Various clinical trials have established that consuming collagen peptides in combination with a healthy workout regime resulted in a significant increase in the body’s muscle mass and tissue durability.
  • Improves Skin Health: Studies have shown that regular consumption of peptide collagen powder or collagen builders was beneficial for improving the skin’s elasticity and maintaining its hydration levels. Prolonged supplementation also saw an increase in the body’s ability to synthesize proteins like fibrillin and elastin, which are responsible for holding up skin structure.
  • Relieves Joint Pain: Research indicates that elevated levels of collagen resulted in the better structural integrity of cartilage, a jelly-like substance embedded in the joints that are responsible for reducing the friction between various bones in the body. 

Adult athletes who supplemented their daily nutritional intake with two grams of collagen protein reported a significant decrease in their joint pain along with an improved ability to perform physically. 

Collagen protein powder supplements like HealthKart Collagen With Glucosamine are one of the best collagen supplements available in the market today and are the most effective to provide your body with several essential peptides that help regulate health and manage your body’s development.
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