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10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts To Show You Really Care

February, the month of love and nothing can be better than showering your loved ones with gifts that shows how much you care for them. Are you scouting for some special yet healthy Valentine’s Day gift to see that glow on your partner’s face? This Valentine’s Day you can try gifting some healthy presents to your partner and help them stay true to their fitness goals.

Ideas for Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Here are some healthy valentine gift ideas that you can consider for this V’Day:

1. Dark Chocolate

No one in this world can say no to chocolates and going by the fact no one can even debate on how healthy these chocolates are. Well! This Valentine’s Day why don’t you skip those sugary chocolates and instead go for some healthy dark chocolates?  You can make a valentine chocolate bouquet that not only looks beautiful but is yummy as well.

Dark chocolates are loaded with minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are too good for your loved ones health. These also help improve insulin sensitivity, thereby helping you regulate healthy blood sugar levels. Remember to avoid the ones with vegetables oils, butter fat or artificial colours and flavours listed as ingredients.

2. Assorted Dry Fruits

We all love to munch on some dry fruits and if you want to get your partner a healthy Valentine’s Day gift, then why not give him/her a box full of assorted nuts (dry fruits). Dry fruits are a source of healthy fats, protein, fibres, minerals, vitamins and more. What else can be as healthy as a box of assorted dry fruits? To make it look romantic add a flower bouquet and a cute card to it.

3. Assorted Supplements

If your partner is a fitness enthusiast, then nothing can be better than giving them a box full of supplements. You just need to order protein powders, BCAA supplements, gainer supplements and more such products. Put them all in a box, add a card with a romantic message and simply give it to him or her. We are sure this box of assorted supplements will be the best valentines gifts for your partner.

4. Gym Equipment

Another one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts is gifting your partner some home gym equipment and accessories. Yes! You can order a yoga mat, dumbbells, home gym set, gloves, etc. These are some of the best gifts that can help in keeping your partner fit and healthy. If he or she is too busy to hit the gym, then gifting home gym equipment is the best thing that you can do for this valentine. 

5. Membership to a Fitness Club

If your partner is crazy about fitness, then the best valentine’s day gifts for her/ him will be a membership to a fitness club.  Both of you can get registered for yoga sessions, dance classes, gym sessions and more. The partners that workout together know how to keep each other and know how to stay together through thick and thin.

6. Candle Light Dinner at Home

Time to impress your loved ones with your cooking skills. Try to arrange a small candle light dinner and cook all her/ his favourite meals at home. You can also add a healthy twist to the same. This healthy valentine dinner at home is surely going to impress your partner. Your efforts will definitely make your spouse super happy.

7. Cakes

Love to bake for your partner? Then get some healthy valentine cake ideas from the internet. You can bake sugar-free atta and carrot cake or go for healthy dark chocolate cake loaded with dry fruits. A healthy home baked cake will not only be a healthy valentine’s day gift but will also be the best way of showing your affection towards your loved ones.

8. Healthy Snacks

If your loved one is a foodie, then you can always get some healthy valentine snack ideas from us. What else can be tastier and healthier than gifting a box of protein bars, baked corn chips, mixed nuts, sugar-free brownies and berries. Along with all the healthy valentine ideas that you are gifting, you can add a small teddy, some roses and a card to make your present look a little more romantic.

9. Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are the best thing to give your spouse if you are looking for a healthy Valentine’s Day gift. You can find a variety of brands that sell fitness trackers. These easy to wear gear will help in tracking their movement, count their steps and help them stay fit.

10. Assorted Herbal Tea Boxes

Most of us love to sip a cup of coffee or tea that is loaded with sugar. However, the fact that it is really harmful for our health is often ignored. So, if your partner loves to sip a hot cup of tea, then why not give him/her some herbal tea products? Well! Assorted herbal tea boxes are the best and  healthy valentine’s day gift that you can give to a tea lover. There are different types and flavours of tea you can choose from; these include lemon tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, green tea, slimming tea and much more. Each product has to offer some health benefits  and most importantly these beverages are super refreshing and tasty.


This Valentine’s Day take a vow of health and  give your partner some useful and thoughtful presents that can help in enhancing their fitness. You can also consider health insurance and screening as one of your valentine special gifts or just go for some relaxing spa/ salon treatment. These will help to provide therapeutic benefits both physically as well as mentally.

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