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10 of the Best At-Home Workout & Fitness Programs

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

at home workout

Home workout plans have become the norm today with gyms and health clubs closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, following the same workout routine and being confined to one space can become very stale, very fast. How about you mix up your workout routine with fun and easy programs that you can do even without access to any equipment? 

Here is a list of 10 trending fitness and weight loss at home workout that people around the world are simply loving:

  1. Zumba
Zumba at home workout

Their tagline “Party Yourself Into Shape” tells you all about this easy, fun exercise at home for weight loss. Zumba is a dance-based workout plan with simple moves that you can follow even if you are not the best dancer. The high-paced music and the energy of the moves will keep you going every day without getting bored. Find an online class or choose from a host of videos that are available online. 

  1. BBG 
weight loss workouts at home

This training program that was created by Australian trainer Kayla Itsines is available on a simple app that you can download for $20 a month. It is a combination of cardio and strength training, with each session lasting for 28 minutes. This 12-week program includes some of the best weight loss workouts at home to give you a lean and fit physique. 

  1. Tabata Training 
at home workout for beginers

Developed by a Japanese scientist, Dr. Izumi Tabata is a combination of 8 exercises in each cycle. You perform each exercise for 20 seconds and take a 10-second break in between to challenge your muscles and get your heart rate up. You can choose any favorite exercise at home for weight loss to make your cycle of 8 exercises to cover all the muscles in your body. 

  1. Fit Girl’s Guide 28 Day Jumpstart 
at home workout program

This is a beginner-friendly program that also focuses on building a community and self-love. You can buy the package whenever possible and join their monthly challenges. The best part about this program is an active community that supports and motivates one another to stay on track with their fitness goals. 

  1. Insanity 
at home workout goals

This is a 60-day program that is entirely based on cardio weight loss workouts at home. It is designed for individuals looking for an advanced-level program. You get a combination of power, strength, core, and resistance training for as low as $39 for three months. 

  1. The Hot Body Sweat Guide 
at home workout routines

This is an 8-week strength and cardio program that is part of Katie Dunlop’s Love Sweat Fitness training platform. This platform also gives you access to several free resources to stay fit and a community of fitness enthusiasts. The philosophy behind these workout routines is to make them as fun and effective as possible. You can purchase the e-book with all the details of how to perform the routine, along with a guide for stretching and warming up exercises for just $50. 

  1. PIIT28
pilates at home workout

This is an interval training program that is based on pilates. It does not require any equipment and can be performed even in a small space. You need to dedicate 28 minutes each day for 28 days to complete this fitness program developed by Cassey Ho, the founder of Blogilates. You get a set of six workouts at home for weight loss each week for $39. In each of the 28-minute sessions, you will perform 7 different guided exercises. 

  1. P90X
workout programs at home

One of the earliest workout programs to take the world by storm, P90X has been practiced for several years now. It still holds good, given its combination of resistance, cardio, ab, yoga, and martial arts-based exercises at home for weight loss. You just need some resistance bands and a set of dumbbells to perform this 90-day workout plan created by Tony Horton

  1. 80-day obsession 

For anyone who gets bored easily with the same workout routines, this is one of the best programs available. It includes 80 different workouts, changing every day for 80 days. It is a combination of cardio and strength exercises that give you a full-body workout. You can get the subscription online for $39 to access the workout calendar, nutrition plan, and tracker sheet. 

  1. Yoga
yoga exercises at home

When it comes to home-based workouts, yoga never fails to keep you motivated, active, and fit. This is a holistic approach to fitness that not only works on your body but engages your mind as well. A traditional Indian practice, Yoga includes stretching, strengthening, and breathing exercises that give you overall health benefits including better immunity and organ function. If you are a beginner, make sure you find an online class or an expert who can help you learn the asanas correctly before you begin self-practice at home. 

Before you try any fitness program or workout trend, consult a healthcare expert to make sure that it is suited for your body, especially if you have any injuries or health conditions.

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