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A Complete Guide to Foods for Bigger Butt

Written By HealthKart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

A bigger butt is preferred for various reasons.  It could be for aesthetic reasons simply because it makes squatting with weights and climbing stairs easy. Do you know that you no longer need butt implants to flaunt big buttocks? A diet incorporated with foods for bigger butt paired with exercises for bigger butt is the most effective way for getting bigger butt.

A choice of foods that enhance muscle strength, growth, and recovery will help you to realise your dream of a bigger butt.

List of Foods for Bigger Butt

The first step to making your butt bigger is to modify your diet. Bigger butt workout combined with the modified diet plan will optimise the results. Here are a few diet changes recommended to enlarge your booty.

Paying attention to growing glute muscles located in your buttocks will help enlarge your butt. Protein is vital for the growth and maintenance of the muscles, especially, post-workout. Carbohydrates, antioxidants, and healthy fats also boost muscle growth by providing energy to perform exercises for bigger butt, enhancing recovery and reducing muscle soreness. Combining these healthy foods with a regular bigger butt workout routine will magnify the results to get a well-rounded shapely butt. The list of the foods for bigger butt to be a part of your diet is given below.

1. Salmon

Salmon is one of the richest sources of protein. A 100 grams serving of salmon provides 20 grams of protein. Salmon also contains omega-3 fatty acids that provide an array of health benefits. Omega-3 reduces inflammation and speeds up muscle recovery. The consumption of omega-3 regularly averts muscle loss.

2. Eggs

Eggs are loaded with nutrients like selenium, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and phosphorus. The B vitamins help in deriving energy from your diet. A medium egg will provide 6 grams of protein, making it an ideal addition to a protein-rich diet plan. An amino acid, leucine present in eggs reduces the breakdown of muscle protein and boosts muscle synthesis. This is highly beneficial to enhance the size of your butt.

3. Quinoa

Quinoa is a rich dietary source of protein. 1 cup of quinoa provides 8 grams of protein which is considerably good. All the nine essential amino acids that your body does not produce naturally can be derived from quinoa. The complex carbs available in quinoa will provide the fuel required for a bigger butt workout.  If you are into resistance training, you will need carbs along with protein to reduce muscle damage and facilitate glycogen storage to facilitate the energy levels required for endurance.

Exercise for hamstrings and glutes will be highly beneficial to transform your butt size.

4. Legumes

Lentils, peanuts, peas, and beans belong to the legume family. Including this high-protein source in your diet will aid optimum muscle synthesis and will enhance glute muscle growth. A cup of cooked peas will provide 15 grams of protein and a cup of cooked lentils will provide 18 grams of protein. Legumes also contain micronutrients like magnesium which is necessary for muscle contraction and energy supply.

5. Flaxseed

Enhance the intake of protein with flaxseed. Flaxseed provides a considerable amount of omega-3 fatty acids along with B vitamins, magnesium, and phosphorus. A serving of 21 grams of flaxseed provides 4 grams of protein. A good protein intake helps in achieving a bigger butt.

6. Brown Rice

Brown rice is a perfect blend of proteins and complex carbohydrates. Every 200 grams of cooked brown rice provides about 5 grams of protein. Protein supplements made from brown rice make an excellent choice for ingesting extra protein. Consuming protein supplements after a bigger butt workout helped in improved body composition. Brown rice is rich in branched-chain amino acids. BCAA provides instant energy by enhancing metabolism and promoting synthesis of a hormone that promotes muscle protein.

BCAA reduces fatigue and muscle soreness, enhances the synthesis of muscle protein and inhibits muscle loss resulting in a bigger butt. Consumption of BCAA after a resistance workout enhanced muscle synthesis by 22%.

7. Avocados

This healthy and delicious fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients. It contains protein, fibre, healthy fats, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium. They are also rich in antioxidants in addition to carotenoids like zeaxanthin, lutein, and cryptoxanthin. The antioxidants minimise muscle damage, inflammation, and soreness induced by big butt workout and also help in quick muscle recovery.  Potassium found in the fruit helps in essential muscle contraction.

8. Milk

A cup i.e., 245 grams of milk sources almost 8 grams of protein and is ideal to consume after a workout.  It contains both slow as well as fast-digesting proteins that are essential for a continuous supply of amino acids for your muscles post a workout.  Milk helps in rehydration and muscle protein synthesis after a workout. It also helps in replenishing the energy lost during a workout and also reduces muscle soreness.

Studies have shown that consuming high-protein dairy milk after performing exercises for bigger butt enhanced lean muscle mass, power, and strength. Consuming milk after a workout promotes using of amino acids to facilitate protein synthesis which in turn helps in enhancing your butt size.

9. Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt is highly nutritional. Each serving of Greek Yoghurt provides abundant calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and phosphorus. A cup of low-fat Greek Yoghurt comprising 245 grams provides 24 grams of protein which is twice the content when compared to any other low-fat yoghurt. Akin to other dairy products, Greek yoghurt provides both fast and slow-digesting protein which promotes glute growth.

10. Tofu

Tofu is a byproduct of condensed soy milk. Every 100 grams of Tofu provides 10 grams of protein. It also provides a good amount of manganese, selenium, calcium, and phosphorus. Soy protein derived from Tofu greatly promotes glutes muscle growth resulting in a bigger butt.

11. Protein Shakes

Protein shakes with whey protein are ideal post-workout food. Whey protein found in milk helps in growth and recovery after a tedious training session. A blend of protein powder, veggies, and fruits post-workout has incredible butt-boosting properties.

12. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of the tastiest and nutritious foods for bigger butt. They are loaded with protein, a range of healthy fats, manganese, fibre, phosphorus, and iron. A serving containing 28 grams of pumpkin seeds provides 8.5 grams of protein which is a whooping quantity. They also provide a good amount of magnesium i.e., you can derive 40% of your required daily intake of magnesium with 28 grams of pumpkin seeds. Magnesium is  essential for post-workout nutrition. Magnesium also benefits muscle function as well as metabolism. This gives every reason for including this protein and magnesium-rich food product into your bigger butt diet.

13. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one of the richest sources of premium quality protein. Every 85 grams serving of chicken breast contains 24 grams of protein. It is also loaded with B vitamins like B12, B6, and niacin that are required for fueling your bigger butt workouts. Studies have shown that consuming 46 grams of protein derived from chicken breast post-workout significantly increased lean body mass.

14. Nut Butter

Nut butter like almond, peanut, and cashew butter are loaded with essential nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin E, calcium, and potassium as well as healthy fats. Every 16 grams of nut butter contains 3.5 grams of protein and is the easiest way to enrich your choicest snacks with protein. Incorporating nut butter into your bigger butt diet may help muscle building required for enhancing the size of your booty. Nut butter also fuels your bigger butt workouts for better performance.

15. Tomatoes

Though the composition of tomatoes is mostly water, a cup of chopped tomatoes provides considerable amounts of calcium, protein, and potassium which are essential for muscle building. Studies have shown that regular consumption of tomatoes helped in preventing age-related muscle strength loss.

Animal studies showed that both red and green tomatoes contain tomatidine, a compound that stimulates muscle hypertrophy and muscle strength. While there studies to fully fathom the benefits of tomatoes are not adequate, tomato juice could still be a perfect post-workout drink for muscle recovery to enable enhancement of your butt size.


Including the right foods for bigger butt is vital for increasing your butt size. You should also be aware that food alone cannot be as effective as pairing the diet with a bigger butt workout. The combination will maximise muscle building for better results.
Incorporate the list of foods provided in the article and pair it with exercises for bigger butt and watch your body getting curvaceous with an enhanced butt size.

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