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All You Need To Know About The World Tuberculosis Day

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

World Tuberculosis Day 2021

World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated on 24 March every year to raise awareness about this global disease and its ongoing eradication efforts. The World TB Day 2021 theme is – ‘The Clock is Ticking’ – this shares the message that the world is running out of time to work on the commitments in order to end TB initiated by global leaders. This is particularly crucial in the context of this ongoing pandemic COVID-19 that has put an end to the progress of TB at risk. However, In addition to tb day celebration, there are several other Tuberculosis facts that everyone should know. 

  • Every year, a new case of TB is reported, with a total number of over 5 million cases around the globe. 1.5 million people died from this disease in 2021.
  • This disease is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacterium can grow and multiply rapidly in warm and damp conditions, causing serious health problems in humans. Some of the most common symptoms include pulmonary infection (usually pneumonia), breakdown of muscle tissue (called myopathy), and inflammation of various organs (like the spleen, kidney, liver, etc). When the bacteria enter the lungs and the airways, they settle in the tonsils and the bronchioles. 
  • Tuberculosis is one of the most deadly and contagious diseases in the world. It accounts for more than half of all cases of lung cancer worldwide. This is because it affects the lungs and other parts of the body very deeply and spreads rapidly. The major cause of death is pulmonary infection or pneumonia. Other causes include eating infected foods, being in close contact with an infected person, or sharing clothes, towels, bedding, or other surfaces with an infected person.
  • The World TB Day was created to promote the prevention of this disease. The main goal here is to increase knowledge about this condition, educate people and strengthen community awareness. On this day, the government runs campaigns like National TB Day, March 24 World Tuberculosis Day, International tuberculosis day for the eradication of this dangerous disease. 
  • There are several ways to prevent getting this illness. One way is through prevention, meaning avoiding places or situations that can increase your risk of coming into contact with the bacteria causing tuberculosis. Another is treatment, using medications or medication given by a doctor to get rid of this bacterium. 
  • You should also not share shoes, towels, clothes, bedding, or other items that are used by other people. Your clothes should also be washed in hot water and hung to dry out completely. Make sure that your bedding is clean and not contaminated with the bacteria. 
  • You should also eat a healthy diet, which is low in fat and sugar.
  • Treatment involves antibiotics. You should go to your doctor immediately if you start to show signs of coughing or shortness of breath. Treatment involves taking the drugs that will kill the bacteria and restore your immunity. These drugs are called amoxicillin, penicillin, and cefdinir. You should take one tablet a day for a period of three days or  or as recommended by the doctor. 
  • Tuberculosis Mesothelioma is the most common form of the condition. On this day, families around the globe can support those who have been diagnosed with the condition. Tuberculous Mesothelioma is slow-growing cancer that usually forms in the lining of the lungs or the chest cavity. If it spreads to the different parts of your body, it will affect your organs. 

Prevention is the best way to avoid contracting this disease. Avoid touching an object that has come into contact with the patient’s cough. Clean your house and change your towels daily. Avoid sharing clothes or eating food that has been shared by a person with the condition. Above all, remember that every year more people are diagnosed with this disease.What are you planning to do this World Tuberculosis Day 2021, to make most people aware of this disease? Please feel free to share with us in the comments section below. So, they can also be a part of this International TB Day and help people to take measures to prevent this disease.

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