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Almond Oil for Face: What are Its Benefits and How Should We Use It?

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Almond oil for face

Almond oil is one of the best natural remedies for your skin. It loads your skin with nutrients to make it look healthier and more radiant. The benefits of almond oil for face have made it a popular ingredient in ancient skincare remedies. It is also used as a treatment for serious skin issues like eczema because of its intense moisturising properties. 

Learn all about almond oil benefits for skin and how to use it correctly to enjoy the best results. 

How to Use Almond Oil for Skin 

Using almond oil for face glow is quite easy. The moisturising and cleansing properties of almond oil can be incorporated into your daily skincare routine in the following ways:

  1. As a makeup remover 
  2. Apply warm almond oil directly to the skin 
  3. Add two tablespoons to your bathing water 
  4. Mix with sugar or salt to make a gentle face scrub
  5. Mix with equal parts of milk to make a great cleanser
  6. Add a few drops to any face pack of your choice 
  7. Use it under the eyes at night 

Benefits of Almond Oil for Face

Using the best almond oil for face is beneficial because it is rich in several nutrients and has unique properties that improve skin health. Here are some well-known benefits of almond oil for face:

1. A Great Moisturiser 

Using almond oil for face at night is highly recommended because it is a wonderful moisturiser. In fact, almond oil has been used to cure issues like eczema that cause extreme dryness. This is because it is rich in vitamin E which keeps the skin cell membrane supple, allowing it to retain moisture better. Studies show that just one tablespoon of almond oil can give you your daily required intake of Vitamin E. 

2. Reduces Acne

Almond oil is a rich source of fatty acids like Omega-6 and other monounsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids dissolve any excess oil on the surface of the skin. As a result, the buildup of dirt in your pores and possible infection is prevented, reducing acne issues significantly.

3. Keeps Sun Damage at Bay

The nutrient content of the best almond oil for face makes it effective against any sun damage. Studies have shown that Vitamin E is very useful in reducing pigmentation or dryness caused by harmful UV rays. The fatty acids found in almond oil also have powerful antioxidant properties that keep your skin protected from the sun. 

4. Prevents Scarring

Almond oil has been used in ancient Indian and Chinese remedies to reduce scarring caused by wounds or inflammation in the skin. This is the result of the anti-inflammatory property of almond oil. In addition, the rich Vitamin E content of almond oil is known to improve the formation of new skin cells, thereby smoothening the skin. 

5. Reduces Stretch Marks 

A study conducted in 2012 showed that almond oil can reduce stretch marks in women after pregnancy. The emollient property of almond oil helps balance the moisture content in the skin. The nutrients in this oil help in the repair and regrowth of skin cells, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. This property of almond oil also helps reduce wrinkles. This is why using almond oil for face at night is highly recommended. 


When using almond oil for face, you need to choose the right type. Experts suggest that the better option for skin health is sweet almond oil, in comparison to bitter oil. Although the latter is useful in preventing stretch marks, sweet almond oil is the best choice for daily skincare.

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