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Benefits of Including Collagen Supplements To Your Daily Routine

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

collagen benefits

Collagen protein is responsible for skin elasticity, and healthy joints. It is in the muscles, bones and blood, and comprises 80% of the skin. Over age, collagen in the body starts breaking down and it becomes difficult for the body to produce more. Due to which most people turn to collagen supplements to enjoy collagen benefits for skin. Collagen supplements are available in powders, capsules, and liquid.  

To produce collagen naturally in the body you need proline that is found in cabbage, mushrooms, dairy, and egg whites; glycine that is found in chicken skin, skin pork, gelatin and other protein-rich foods; vitamin C that can be achieved with citrus fruits; zinc which can be found in chickpeas, beef, beans, lentils, cheese, milk, and nuts and seeds; copper that can be found in cocoa powder, cashews, sesame seeds, organ meats, and lentils. 

Why Choose Collagen Supplements? 

  • Collagen makes up so many crucial parts of the body, and it is not only beneficial but vital to maintain good health. Some of the common cited benefits of collagen supplements are: 
  • Can make the bones denser and slows down the aging process that helps the body to produce new bone. 
  • Improving skin hydration and elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles is one of the major benefits of drinking collagen.
  • Other collagen powder benefits is, it can also increase the hair’s quantity and thickness. 
  • It also promotes faster nail growth, and it can also help increase muscle mass and strength. 

Best Collagen Supplements That You Can Buy 

  • HealthKart Collagen With Glucosamine & Vitamin C 
HealthKart Collagen with Glucosamine & Vitamin C

HealthKart Collagen with Glucosamine & Vitamin C powder contains vitamin C and Glucosamine as active ingredients. It has the goodness of vitamin C and Glucosamine that can help in supporting the skin, bones and nails strength. It can also reduce the joint deterioration risk, increases skin hydration, provides elasticity and strength to help reduce the wrinkles and fine lines appearance, and improves joint health by joint structure and strengthening cartilage. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that can help in protecting cells from oxidative damage and can reduce the bone marrow lesions number. This collagen powder has no side effects when consumed in recommended dosage. 

  • HealthKart Plant Based Collagen Builder 
HealthKart Plant Based Collagen Builder

Air pollution, UV radiation, and an unhealthy lifestyle can damage skin collagen and can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. HealthKart Plant Based Collagen Builder is a 100% plant-based formula that is safe to consume. It consists of silica, biotin, and potent antioxidants that can maintain healthy skin. It gives you youthful skin by maintaining the structure of the skin, and retains moisture levels. Antioxidants in it help protect the photodamage of collagen, and vitamin C contributes to normal collagen synthesis. It reduces wrinkles formation by supporting the skin collagen production and protects the skin from premature aging by fighting against free radicals. Glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E contribute in brightening the skin. Aloe Vera extract in it improves skin hydration. So, wait no more and buy it to enjoy collagen peptides benefits

  • JustHer Collagen Builder With Herbs
JustHer Collagen Builder With Herbs

JustHer Collagen Builder With Herbs is a 100% plant-based collagen supplement that improves your skin from the inside out. It is a perfect addition to your everyday skincare routine as it effectively increases natural collagen production and keeps your skin hydrated and maintains your overall skin health. It contains the goodness of Ayurveda and anti-aging blend that gives you smooth, young, and glowing skin. Aloe vera in it keeps the skin supple, moisturized, and soft and improves skin elasticity and supports production and release. It also contains spirulina which is a natural algae and contains a variety of antioxidants, nutrients and Vitamin E that can reduce the damage caused to the skin because of UV rays. The best part is it is free of gluten, GMO, preservatives, added sugar, synthetic colours or flavours. These collagen supplements benefit your skin, nails and overall health. To avoid any collagen side effects, consult with the doctor first. Exceeding dosage has been linked to collagen side effects on the kidney.

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