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Best Chest Workouts for Women

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Chest workouts for women
List of Chest Workouts for Women
Benefits of Exercising and Being Active

Women must understand the importance of achieving optimal physical and mental health through exercise. Research states that women (and girls) tend to stay more inactive during their lifetime when compared to their male counterparts. Women may seek different results from their workout sessions and these sessions are designed accordingly. There are a range of chest workouts for women that they must be aware of.

List of Chest Workouts for Women

A list of chest workouts of women is as follows: 

1. Basic Bench Press

The Basic Bench Press focuses on your pectoral muscles which are the largest in your chest. The pectoral muscles support the breast tissues, thereby keeping them tight. Lie down on your back on a bench and keep your feet on the floor. Hold a bar and have a shoulder-wide distance, align your weights and hold the bar above your chest, and bring it back down. Do this motion evenly and maintain stability as you move the bar. 

2. Dumbbell Fly

The Dumbbell Fly, as the name suggests, creates a ‘flying motion’ using free weights. Lie on an incline bench and hold a dumbbell that suits you in each hand. Hold your arms straight above and lower them back to your shoulder’s height while exhaling. Hold momentarily and repeat the process. 

3. Cable Crossover

What makes Cable Crossover different is that it gives you a steady level of resistance and thereby effectively works on engaging your pectoral muscles. Stand with your feet about shoulder distance apart and grip a cable in each hand. Extend your arms outwards and bring them together in an arc-like motion. Return to the position and repeat the process. 

4. Push-Ups

The essential chest workout, Push-ups engage your major upper body muscles and also stabilise your shoulders. Lie face down and keep your feet at a shoulder-wide distance, keep your body straight, don’t lift your hips, and push up. If you include Push-ups in your regular workout routine, you will stabilise your shoulder movements

5. Incline Bench Press

Incline Bench Press is an excellent chest workout that engages the top section of your pectoral muscles. Position yourself on an inclined bench at an angle between 45 and 60 degrees. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and keep your hand at a shoulder wide distance. Move the dumbbells up till your elbows are straight and lower them till it reaches your upper chest. Maintain a stable pace and repeat the entire process. 

6. Plank Get Up

Even though the plank is well known for core exercises, this rendition of the plank also engages your chest. Start with a plank position and keep your forearms at a shoulder-wide distance. Pick up your forearms and put weight on your palms, thereby extending your arms. Lower your forearm and come back to the rest of the position. Do not raise your hips throughout the process.

7. Isometric Chest Squeeze

If you’re a beginner, the Isometric Chest Squeeze is a suitable exercise to add to your workout regime. Hold a suitable weight together at the height of your chest and lift it above till your elbows come at shoulder distance. Halt for five seconds and repeat the entire process. 

Benefits of Exercising and Being Active 

If women engage in physical activities, then it may provide them positive health benefits: 

  1. Exercising makes you lower your blood pressure and improves your cardiovascular health 
  2. Increasing your stamina and lung capacity
  3. Building muscle mass, getting lean, and reducing body fat
  4. Decreasing stress levels and helping you sleep better 
  5. Exercising releases endorphins in your brain and decreases feelings of restlessness and anxiety 
  6. When you get healthy and feel better, you will build self-esteem and confidence 
  7. Regularising your cholesterol levels and blood pressure 
  8. Providing relief during menstrual cramps 
  9. Lessening mood swings which are usually associated with menstruation 
  10. Regulating your blood flow 


Consistency is the key with these chest workouts for women. In order to get the desired results, it is important to ensure that you do not compromise on your workout routine and increase the intensity bit by bit.

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