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Best Hair Care Routine For Different Types Of Hair

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Best Hair Care Routine For Different Types Of Hair

Overall health and wellness is quite important to live the life fullest. We usually take care of our physical health but forget hair health. Since people have got aware that healthy hair is not only a symbol of beauty but also health, they started looking for the best hair care routine. As we grow old the hair health impacts due to many factors including stress, pollution, dust, sweat, and others. There are various hair products available in the market but you must know about your hair type before using them. With a hair care routine you will know about your hair. Get these tips handy while chalking out a healthy hair routine

  • Check Your Hair Type: Without knowing the hair type, you can’t chalk out an effective hair care routine. Some of the types of hair are wavy, curly, straight, and kinky. You may be using oil, dye, color, and other chemicals in your hair for hair styling that also makes your hair different from natural. But there are some common things you can do for every type of hair. First you have to apply oil for hair to moisturize them before washing them. After keeping your hair as it is, you use shampoo to wash your hair. Shampoo helps to take the dirt out of your hair with oil and works as a hair cleanser. But with regular shampoo, you may lose the hair nourishment. So, apply conditioner to your hair that moisturizes your hair and avoid them from dryness and split. 
  • Be cautious While Doing Comb Your Hair: Shampoo and conditioner are great to smooth your hair but there is something more while doing a hair care routine for women. Your hair is susceptible to tear and break as these are wet. So, comb your hair but first detangle them. Hold your hair from two places and first detangle them. Do rush because it pulls your hair that is not healthy for your hair health. Curly hair is a problem so you have to be very careful about them. The curly hair routine demands more attention. Use a particular type of comb for them that are designed to detangle curly hair without damaging them. 
  • Sealing and Moisturizing: A dry hair care demands better nourishment so that you can moisturize your hair. For that you can use hair lotion once you have done with cleansing and conditioning. It is a cream based lotion that protects your hair from dryness and thus breakage. After daily shampoo, you must use it as your daily hair care routine. Though it is light and non-stiff hold, oiling on your hair is quite important. No doubt oil for hair care is a long way to healthy hair but it helps to enhance the production of hair’s natural oils. This helps in strengthening strands and locking up moisture in them.  

In every  hair care routine you have to use these common tips to get healthier hair. With the routine, you can do better scalp treatment, protein replenishment, and other hair related issues easily.

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