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Looking to go Leaner? Understand The Do’s And Don’ts

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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Are you looking to shed the flab and lose weight fast? Are you hoping for quick weight loss to get a leaner body and don’t know how to do it? 

For those looking for weight loss, hitting the gym is definitely a good place to start. However, there are certain principles that one must always keep in mind when trying to maintain muscle definition and get leaner. 

These principles do not necessarily only apply when you are in the gym but extend to your everyday routine as well. It is important to get adjusted to the idea that getting in shape is a way of living. Working towards building a strict workout regimen and having a diet plan to lose weight works well to build your willpower and discipline as well.

Read on for some quick dos and don’ts that will help you to lose belly fat fast and get in shape. 

The Do’s Of Getting Lean

Here are a few things you must make sure to do while getting lean: 

#1. Do Have A Workout Plan

Randomly performing a bunch of reps for inconsistent periods of time is a common mistake that many beginners make. Always make sure to hit the gym with a plan of action in mind. Map your workout sessions and have a set of exercises to lose weight planned in advance to ensure all parts of your body get the required workout. Include belly fat burning exercises and have strength-building workouts as well. Maintain consistent timing in every session. Remember to start with smaller durations and lower weights. Gradually work on increasing the duration of your workout sessions over time. 

#2. Have a Diet Plan and Include Supplements

Workout without a diet plan to support it is a futile effort at getting leaner. Exercise sessions can often cause serious depletion of body nutrients. Have a diet plan in place and plan your meals in advance. Perp for them beforehand and include weight loss drinks like fennel water or apple cider vinegar as well. 

Consume lose weight foods but support your diet with supplements to ensure you get all the required daily intake of nutrients which your body may miss out on from the food. Adding nutritional supplements like HealthKart Multivitamins to your diet is a good way to ensure that you are getting a healthy dose of essential vitamins and minerals that help your workout sessions.

#3 Do Make Sure To Alternate Weights 

It is a good thing to establish a regular workout routine, but that does not mean you get away with using the same weights every time. You may not like it but your body loves a good challenge. Starting out with a couple of low reps for the initial months and switching up to higher reps and bigger weights can have a major impact on muscle tone and definition. 

Alternating between various rep ranges is also a good way towards weight loss and maintaining lean definition as it will increase your base strength in the lower ranges while boosting your endurance levels in the higher ranges. The key to doing this is to hit every rep until failure. 

The Don’ts Of Getting Lean

While there are certain things you need to do to help your process of weight loss, it is just as important NOT to do certain things. These are: 

#1 Don’t Skip Recovery Days

When you are trying to lose weight fast, there is often a tendency to overdo things. But remember, exercise is only half the process. The other half involves giving the body ample time to rest and recover from the workouts and overcome muscle fatigue.

Failing to do so can cause severe complications such as atrophy and ligament tears. Always make sure you take one full day off per week from your workout regimen. 

#2. Don’t Skimp On The Protein

Protein is the essential building block for developing muscles. It is often referred to as the bodybuilder’s best friend. Many beginners looking for weight loss make the mistake of not supplementing their diet with enough protein because they are under the misconception that protein can make them fat. 
It is near impossible to consume protein without getting in a good amount of carbs and fats as well, but that does not warrant reducing its consumption altogether. Make sure to substitute your diet with healthy protein powders such as HealthKart My First Protein and hit the gym with everything you’ve got.

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