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Does Water Help The Immune System?

Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

does water help immune system
How Does Water Help the Immune System
Staying Hydrated and Improving Water Immunity
Increasing the Intake of Water for Immunity

Each time we fall sick, our loved ones and our family doctors all give us the same advice, “take a lot of fluids.” But what exactly is the relation between water and immune system? How is water so valuable in building up our immunity levels? If you are looking for an answer to the question, “does water help the immune system?”, then you must read on to find out. 

Water is, in fact, a highly effective, low-cost option to improve immunity levels; you might as well call it a God’s gift. If we truly understand it, then ‘water for immune system’ must be our motto for good health. This is because prevention is always better than cure, so drinking lots of fluids should be a part of all our preventive efforts to remain disease-free. That is, keep on having as much water for immunity as possible. 

So, let us go ahead and understand how exactly does water help the immune system, how to stay adequately hydrated, and what are some of the best ways to use water for immunity.

How Does Water Help the Immune System?

To maintain a healthy immune system, we need to be sufficiently hydrated. It is the same as watering plants to help them survive. Our immune system depends on the nutrients in the blood, which is mostly water, to function properly. 

When we take enough water, our bodies find it easier to flush out waste, foreign bodies, and various toxins, including bacteria, viruses, etc. through stool, sweat, and urine. By helping our bodies in getting rid of bad elements, our bodies remain free of diseases. That’s how water helps strengthen our immune system.  

Water helps blood and nutrients move easily throughout the body.  It also makes the kidneys and the gut function properly. Both the gut and the kidneys help in excretion and play an important role in maintaining optimum levels of immunity. 

Staying Hydrated and Improving Water Immunity

The question now is how do we keep ourselves hydrated? Not all of us like to have lots of plain water as per the required levels. It is not always possible either. 

As per doctors, the recommended quantity of water that an individual should drink is half of his or her body weight measured in pounds in ounces. This means that if your weight is 100 pounds, you should drink at least 50 ounces (1.5 litres) of water daily. In addition, for every cup of tea or coffee, you must have one extra cup of water. In case you take alcohol, you should add two extra cups to your daily water intake.

Increasing the Intake of Water for Immunity

If this sounds too daunting a task for you, here are some great ideas on using water for immunity. They will help you build a daily routine to have a healthy water immune system. Drinking water will no longer be such a painful task.

1. Lemon Water

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which helps in building our immunity levels. When you add some lemon juice to your glass of drinking water, you don’t just hydrate yourself. You get the added benefits of vitamins and hence boost your immunity levels. 

2. Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Vegetables like cucumbers, lemon, and mint along with fruits like strawberries, when infused in water, make wonderful, refreshing drinks. Apart from keeping your body sufficiently hydrated, they give you extra nutrients too while making you feel rejuvenated.

3. Herbal Teas

Contrary to what their name suggests, herbal teas are not teas. They are actually drinks prepared by infusing various herbs and spices. The choice of herbs and spices depends on you. Ginger, Tulsi, and mint are some common examples of herbs used in herbal teas. You can grow them easily at home in planters and use them when they are fresh. You don’t need to buy them from the market. 

As far as spices are concerned, you can use turmeric, black pepper powder, cloves, cinnamon, green cardamom, black cardamom, carom seeds, etc. Some people use dried hibiscus flowers too. Well, to each, his own; there is no hard and fast rule. You can make the herbal teas the way you want, as long as you are taking enough water.

4. Hot or Iced Tea without Sugar

Tea is also a good beverage, especially when you take it without sugar. Compared to coffee, it has less caffeine. You can have it cold or hot. You can also add various herbs and spices to it as mentioned above to make it less boring. These days, many companies sell tea that has herbs such as ginger, cloves, etc., added to it. So, you don’t have to spend too much time making tea.

5. Coconut water

When you are sick, feeling weak, and dehydrated, do try coconut water. It is easy to digest and rich in various nutrients and vitamins. The best part is that it is an electrolyte filled drink that has antibacterial and anti-viral properties; precisely what you need in this difficult phase.  

6. Low-Sugar Electrolyte Powder

With low-sugar electrolyte powders, all you have to do is stir two to three teaspoonfuls into your drinking water. Drink as much of this drink as you can when you feel low in energy or appetite. They will make you feel better.

7. Soups and Broths

Soups and broths are a great way of improving your intake of fluids and hydrating yourself. You can make soups with so many things, such as vegetables, chicken, etc. Apart from nutrients, they will give you the much-need immunity that everyone needs in the post-covid era.


We are sure that you must have understood by now the relation between water and immunity and the question, “how does water help immune system? must have been answered. Water is easily available and costs nothing. Living in harmony with nature is, in fact, the best way of leading life. So, go ahead and instead of depending only on medicines, boost your immunity with water. 

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