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Gain Weight & Muscles With Non-Vegetarian Diet

non veg diet for weight gain

If you are tired of searching for a decent and healthy non veg diet for weight gain and to increase muscle mass, your search ends here with this article. Here are some tips and healthy ways to gain weight. 

Things to Consider Before Starting Weight Gain Plan 

  • When starting any new non veg diet chart for weight gain, remember that the goal is to increase weight not by eating junk foods, and unhealthy meals but by consuming proper 3 meals in a day regularly along with workout. 
  • When gaining weight, consume more calories than you burn
  • For a smooth weight gaining process, make protein or calorie goals for your everyday food intake. 
  • Make sure to increase your protein intake to put on weight easily. 
  • Choose skimmed milk over toned milk, eat a lot of fresh fruits, have boiled eggs instead of fried one and munch on dried fruits instead of toffees. 

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Dos and Don’ts Of A Non-Vegetarian Diet 

  • Don’t overdo on red meat, eat it in moderation. If you are health conscious try to have it once in a fortnight. As eating this in excess can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. 
  • If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, restrict your egg intake and have only two white eggs in a week.
  • Go for more white meat like turkey and chicken and fish. Eat the lean cuts of meat and make sure to trim off the visible fat. Also, use healthy cooking methods and avoid deep frying them.
  • Boiling fish and eggs is better than frying them. Frying decreases their protein levels and also makes it difficult to digest them. 
  • Drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated because proteins are thermogenic foods that release heat and are too difficult to digest.
  • Do not eat fruits with any meat because it gets fermented and can cause indigestion and bloating. 
  • If your uric acid levels are high, avoid consuming meat. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Eating Non Veg Increase Weight?

Eating non veg can help you in gaining weight. Fatty and lean meats are a perfect source of protein, and can help you in weight gain and muscle gain. They also contain a good amount of amino acid that helps in stimulating muscle protein synthesis. 

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What is a Good Meal Plan to Gain Weight?

A perfect weight gain diet chart non veg plan contains healthy calorie dense foods such as avocado, full fat milk and banana. Healthy carbs like potato, banana, sweet potato, fruits, whole grains, rice etc, healthy fats such as salmon, nuts, olive oil, nut butter and much more. Also, good protein source tofu, legumes, beans, nuts with every meal. 

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