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10 Benefits of Walking

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Benefits of walking

Daily walking is an easy and convenient way to gain health benefits for our generation who spend most of their time sitting. Many people accept the fact that sitting is the new smoking habit for our generation and daily walking is a perfect start to break the habit. Sedentary lifestyle consists of mountains of adverse health impacts. Running marathons, High intensity workout, or lifting heavy weights is not any solution, in fact these will only add to your woes. Walking for 30 minutes will definitely help you to combat all these adverse effects in starting without getting injured. Then you can level up by heavy weight lifting, running marathon, or high intensity workout. 

Benefits of morning walk

Though walking is quite helpful for health, morning walk has many other benefits like good quality air, activeness, and others. Along with that here are some benefits of morning walk

  1. Walking for weight loss
Walking for weight loss

Walking is fun no doubt. But you must be wondering if any of the benefits of walking daily is to lose weight. Since, walking helps you to burn calories, you can lose weight. Calorie burn depends on several factors which include distance, walking speed, surface, and others. So, make sure you must level up in these factors everyday while walking for weight loss.

Good and healthy heart
  1. Good and Healthy Heart Walking for 30 minutes It can help you to reduce the risk of heart disease if done for 5 days in a week. So, increase your distance and स्पीड एवरीडे or count your walking steps through any reliable app and try to increase them everyday for seeing positive impacts. 
  2. Lowers Blood Sugar Level One of the advantages of walking is a controlled blood sugar level. It is quite tricky. You should walk after your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to see effective results. Studies suggest if a person walks for 15 minutes three times in a day, he can see the improved blood sugar level than if he walks 45 minute at a time in a day. 
  3. Pacifies the Joint Pain Suffering from hips and knees pain issue. Try walking. With counting the walking steps and increasing the counts daily, you can experience ease in joint pain. 
  4. Immunity Booster No doubt walking for good health, weight loss, mobility, and joint issues. But it is also good for boosting immunity. And save us from the risk of seasonal flu like cold. 
  5. Good energy If you are tired by sitting in one place throughout the day, you should walk. Walking increases your oxygen level in your body and also increases cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine level in the body. These are the hormones which are responsible to elevate your energy level. 
  6. Stress Buster Any kind of negative mood, anxiety, and depression, take a 30 minute walk everyday. You will see the changes and reduced level of negative mood, stress, and depression. So, do it everyday as walking for good health
  7. Increase your lifespan Researchers found that fast walking reduces the death rate 20 % than slow walking. Also found that other benefits of walking are lowering the death from cardiovascular disease, cancer, and others. 
  8. Healthy Mind Walking is very useful in your creative thinking. People who works sitting has lower thinking ability as oxygen does not flow smoothly. 
  9. For Legs shape Walking helps your legs to stay in shape and makes your muscles stronger. So that you can carry your body weight. 
Legs Shape

These are some of the benefits of walking for all the ages and genders. Choose your daily step goal carefully and increase it everyday. Also take other factors in consideration that includes the walking route and timing for better results. 

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