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Healthy Diet: Stay Healthy With Vegetarian Diet

Healthy Diet: Stay Healthy With Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet involves not to eat fish, poultry, and meat just like the vegan meal plan. But these are slightly different. Vegan diet consists of only plant based foods whereas the other one consists of plant diet, daily products, honey, eggs, and others.

Types Of Vegetarian diets:

There are various types of vegetarianism which include:

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet: Avoid animal flesh but allows dairy products and eggs.
  • Ovo-vegetarian diet: Allows eggs but not animal flesh and dairy products
  • Lacto-vegetarian diet: No animal flesh and eggs but allows dairy products.
  • Pescetarian diet: Include fish, dairy products, and eggs but not animal flesh.
  • Flexitarian diet: Occasionally meat, poultry, and fish.

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet:

Nowadays, many health conscious youths are turning toward veg diets. Even gym going persons are committed to a veg diet plan for bodybuilding because of the health benefits.

  • More sustainable ecological option.
  • Wide range of lifestyle choices.
  • An excellent weight loss meal plan
  • Helps in avoiding risk like cholesterol and heart disease.
  • Reduced risk of animal prone diseases.
  • Controlled blood sugar level.

Risk of Vegetarian Diet:

Of course a vegetarian diet is quite healthy but it doesn’t mean you are eating anything that comes in that particular diet. You should check that these particular nutrients are needed or not to you. Here are some risks associated with a vegetarian diet.

  • Make you weight gain with imbalanced diet
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol level if you eat more whole eggs everyday.
  • Lacking vitamin B 12 and B 6 if you are having a regular vegetarian diet regularly.
Consult with dietician

Can you eat eggs as a vegetarian?

Yes, vegetarians can eat eggs. Actually we are confused between vegan Diet and vegetarian diet. Vegans exclude any animal product while vegetarians exclude animal flesh. Since eggs don’t have any animal flesh, technically, you can include them in a vegetarian diet plan.

Is it healthier to be a vegetarian?

Yes, it is healthier to be a vegetarian as many studies have revealed that plant based diets are way healthier than meat. Also their cholesterol level is in control. Gym going people especially, youths have started to take them as veg bodybuilding food. So, include a high protein vegetarian diet plan with a good amount of fiber in it.

Are vegetarians thinner?

Yes, typically vegetarians are thinner than meat eaters but it is not true for all. Being fat depends on your calorie intake and there are various types of vegetables and grains with rich calories. It is easy to make Indian healthy vegetarian diet plan and follow without a sense of alienation from food.

Can a vegetarian be overweight?

Since animal products have more calories than plant based diets, the chances of vegetarians being overweight are less. Even when people want weight loss, they prefer to get the best vegetarian diet plan rather than any fancy diet plans including Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Low Fat Diet, Atkins Diet, Intermittent Diet, Gluten Free Diet, and many more.

How can a vegetarian lose belly fat?

To lose belly fat, a vegetarian must follow the vegetarian protein diet plan which includes paneer, broccoli, almonds, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, amaranth, with the high fiber diet.

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Healthy Diet: Stay Healthy With Vegetarian Diet
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