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Healthy Diwali: Stay True to Your Workout Routine

Healthy Diwali
How To Stay True to Workout Routine this Festive Season

Diwali, a festival of lights, is upon us. The preparations for the Diwali festival are on full swing with great enthusiasm. From preparing an array of traditional sweets and taking care of decorations to planning get-togethers and attending Diwali office parties, the spirit of Diwali brightens up our entire routine. In between such enthusiasm, we shall not forget our health. So, firstly, wishing you a very healthy Diwali.

With late night Diwali celebrations, your workout routine suffers the most, as gyms and fitness studios open in an irregular manner. An entire week with no workouts can lead any fitness commitment to a dead end. You have no other option apart from deciding that you will dedicatedly follow the fitness routine after a week. But research tells a different story. If you are not regular with physical activities for more than six months, a three days’ drop off can heavily impact your workout’s effects. So, what to do then ?

How To Stay True to Workout Routine this Festive Season

Every small step taken toward fitness everyday has compound effects on harmony of health. Here are some of the ways that will ensure Diwali becomes a healthy festival for you.  

  1. Plan Your Diwali Week in Advance

Usually, gyms get closed in the evening during festivals, especially Diwali. So, it is better to schedule your training session in the morning. Don’t be late or exceed your timings as others are also waiting for their training sessions. Respect their timings. Only for one day, the gym would be closed for the whole day from morning to evening. So, plan the training session in advance, accordingly. 

  1. Home Workouts Work

Bodyweight exercises are the best way to stay overall fit. The best part is that you can do it anywhere without any particular instrument. Squats, lunges, dips, planks, Russian twists, push ups, abs exercises, and others are the best body weight exercises that you can do anywhere. Suryanamaskar, breathing exercises, lower back exercises, and other yoga postures too are great ways to give your body different workout experiences. Make sure that you are doing all of these exercises in the morning as there are less chances of you getting sufficient time in the evening due to  festive seasons.
Moreover, with Diwali coming, you’re required to clean your house – you can make this a great opportunity for your weightlifting and stretching sessions. 

  1. Cardio with good eating 

The weather is pleasant in November in most parts of India. Either you can waste it in sleeping or invest into running or cycling. However, when you dedicatedly work on your body, you can enjoy the festival like you deserve it. As we’re entering the winter season, you will have a great opportunity to eat high calorie foods without worrying about getting fat. 

Many people look to bulk up in the winter. So, this time is the best for your eating as you can eat whatever you like from sweets to Indian dishes, without worrying about any ill effects to your body. But make sure all the dishes will come from clean sources. Only then you will get the right nourishment. 

  1. Use Your Feet More Often

Whether your mom is sending you to market for bringing milk, curd, or any other home essentials or you have to reach an office party. Make sure you are going on foot. As the sun is not so warm out there, it is one of the easiest and most effective practices to start as a new habit and celebrate a happy and healthy Diwali. 


Traditionally, people used to have “ Diyas” outside of their home at night to light up travelers’ paths. Helping others selflessly used to believe a path to enlightenment. Today, we have many ways to celebrate the festival but the best kind of celebrations focus on a festival’s true essence. Giving, sharing, and helping others are the true nature of the festival.  Being aware of your and others’ health is also an essence of the Diwali festival. 

You’ve been spending a lot on clothes, accessories, and other merriments for Diwali 2022. This year, make a room for Diwali fitness to enjoy a healthy body and sound mind. 


How to eat healthy this Diwali?

Diwali is an occasion when no Indian can restrict themselves from munching on unhealthy snacks and an unlimited number of sweets. The supply and the craving just don’t seem to end!

Here are some ways you can have those delicious sweets and stay healthy at the same time:

  • Choose a milk-based dessert like shrikhand, kheer, mishti doi, etc. to get the goodness of protein
  • Try to replace sugar with ingredients like fresh fruits, raisins, dates, or even jaggery or honey; ensure that you do not consume these in excess
  • Modify your existing recipes by adding healthful ingredients like nuts and seeds, fruits, yoghurt, and so on
  • Stay mindful of your portion size and try that you consume everything in moderation

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