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How To Use Condom Correctly ?

Written By Avinash Kumar

how to use condom

What are Condoms?

Many people have heard about condoms and some people still don’t know much about condoms, how to use condoms and how to keep yourself protected from any infections using condoms. So, a condom acts as a barrier that keeps semen or other liquids out of the vagina, mouth or rectum. It is made up of a very light and thin fitted tube-like structure that is worn over the penis during intercourse. Or there is a female condom then it is inserted into the vagina during sex. Whether you call it a barrier or a rubber, its purpose is the same as to protect it from sexually transmitted disease or causing pregnancy. So, it is very important to know about condoms and how it helps in protecting against such diseases. Avoid using used condoms to have safe sex and being healthy.

Types of Condoms Available in the Market

If you have good knowledge about condoms, then you must know about their types. There are a number of condoms available in the market depending upon one’s desire. So, below are some frequent types of condoms that are used by people for a long time.

Lubricated Condoms

Most people use a lubricated condom which is a thin coating of liquid used as lubrication. It helps in preventing irritation and pain during sex. It also prevents the breaking of the condom. It is very important that you don’t buy such condoms which don’t have lube on them as lube makes sex easier and more comfortable. Also, prevent yourself from buying condoms which are oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly as they can damage the condom. Therefore, it is better to know how to use condoms first, and then use it safely.

Spermicide Coated

It is a chemical product called Nonoxynol-09 which kills sperm. Some people buy this coated condom which helps in lowering the risk of pregnancy. The amount of spermicide coat used is not enough to reduce the risk of pregnancy. For extra prevention, separated sperm killing products can be added. But that can lead to HIV and may irritate your genitals.

Plastic, Latex and Lambskin

One of the most common condoms used by people is latex condoms. If your skin is very allergic or sensitive to the latex condom then you can opt for a plastic one. Both latex and plastic condoms help in preventing STDs during any kind of sexual activity like oral, anal or vaginal. Lambskin or natural condom is made up of material that comes from the lamb intestines. They may help in preventing pregnancy but due to tiny openings, it does not protect from STDs.

Textured Condoms

One of the condoms which help in boosting pleasure for you and your partner is the textured condom. It is a ribbed and studded type of condom. It is basically designed to feel better and enhance more pleasure in sex. This also helps in increasing stimulation which makes the sexual activity more enjoyable and helps satisfy women partner.

Before buying any condoms make sure that the package claims that the product guards against both STDs and pregnancy. Some of the condoms are not FDA approved and thus may not prevent pregnancies and STDs. So, it is very important to know each detail about the condom before using it.

How to wear a male condom safely?

There are certain important things to know while indulging in any sexual activity. Never forget to wear a condom while having sex as it will protect you from having any infections or pregnancies with your partner. Also, put a new condom for every sexual intercourse. For every different type of sex, you have to put different condoms for them whether it is oral, anal or vaginal.

To use male condoms:

  • Make sure that the condom is not torn or expired. It should be in a good position. Never forget to check the date on the package.
  • Take out the condom very carefully by opening the wrapper.
  • Now place the condom on the tip of your fully erect penis then only it will be placed very well. Also, the rolled sides should be facing out.
  • Leave the half-inch space which is on the tip to collect the semen when you ejaculate it which prevents the condom from breaking.

How to use a female condom?

Before knowing how to use a female condom, it’s very important to know what female condoms are? A female condom is a manmade latex-free rubber plastic pouch that is usually made of nitrile. It has flexible rings at both ends and covers the wall of the vagina to collect semen and other fluids during intercourse discharge.

Now the question is how to use condoms correctly? The process is quite similar to using a tampon during your period. However, a little practice of using female condoms will help in future to use them correctly.

The process of how to use a ladies condom correctly is given below through step by step procedure:

  • Always use a fresh or new condom before making sexual intercourse
  • Be aware that you do not tear the female condom while opening the package
  • It’s time to place in before making any physical relationship between the penis and vagina.
  • Use lubricant on the close end of the condom for a smoother and best experience
  • Now find your comfortable position to start the intercourse
  • Squeeze the ring on the close end of the condom together so that it opens and stays in the place
  • Make sure the condom isn’t twisted or else it may lead to discomfort
  • After having experienced the sexual pleasure its time to gently pull off the female condom out of your vagina
  • Throw it away in the trash
  • Female condoms are not reusable

How to use condoms to avoid pregnancy?

With the evolution of the internet, many people use it to find a solution to any problem. But when it comes to the circle of health, it is suggested to be practical and patient to find a solution. When talking about using condoms to avoid pregnancy, many things come to mind whether we should do this or do that. But wait, we are here to guide you in the best possible way as to how to use a condom to avoid pregnancy.It is suggested that people should learn how to use condoms and also avoid using used condoms.

Below given points should be considered while using condoms to avoid pregnancy:

Check the expiry date

Always check the expiry date of the condom before purchasing it and taking it home. If it is old and is stored improperly, there are a lot of chances that its latex may have been broken. This can increase the risk that condoms are less effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs.

Be diligent to feel the air bubble

The second foremost thing to do is to feel the air bubble in the packaging. Air bubble represents the freshness of the condom and protects it from any damage. To check, gently squeeze the package between your first finger and thumb.

Always open the condom carefully

It’s quite important to open the packet of condoms carefully. Any fluids on your hands may contaminate the condom leading to various discomfort. Always open the package along the corner and do not use scissors or any sharp object to tear the condom. Always look for various platforms to learn how to use condoms for better and safe sex.

Check for the correct side of the condom

Before putting the condom up, check for the correct side of the condom. Make sure the rim should be rolling up on the outside rather than tucked underneath.

Make space and put the condom on

It’s time to pinch the tip of the condom with the pads of the finger and place it on the penis. Also, make sure that the condom has sufficient space to store fluid released during ejaculation. It is advised not to use used condoms.

Check for the trapped air

Always check for the trapped air because if the condom feels like an inflated balloon, there are chances that it could break while intercourse. To avoid any such discomfort, release the air by placing your hands around the penis.

Hold the condom while withdrawing

After experiencing an overwhelming sexual experience, it’s time to withdraw the condom carefully. Failing to do so may result in a slide off or leak into the partner’s vagina, anus or mouth.

Throw away the condom in the trash

Avoid throwing away the condom in the toilets or else it may lead to clogging of pipes. Throw away the condoms in the trash without making a mess or any leakage.

Bottom Line

In this modern world, people tend to have sex anytime and anywhere but all they forget is how to make safe sex or good sex. It is advised to all people whether youngsters, adults or seniors to make good sex, you properly need to read and know about the sexual experience, sex education, correct use of condoms, prevention of STDs, and many other things. These things will ultimately help you to have your climax end happily only when you follow things wisely and make sex safely. Condoms are an important part of your sexual life, not only do they help in birth control but also help in avoiding diseases. In order to work it properly, you need to use it correctly.


Q1. Are condoms safe to prevent pregnancy?

As per research, it has been found that male condoms are 98% effective, while female condoms are 95% effective. It totally depends upon how correctly you use a condom while having safe sex.

Q2. What are the common side effects of condoms?

There are various common symptoms that act as a side effect of condoms i.e. Rash, Hives, Runny Nose, etc. which appears due to the reaction of latex. If your partner is allergic to latex you can use polyurethane or lambskin as an alternative to condoms.

Q3. Can sperm go through condoms?

The answer is No. Sperm can’t pass through condoms. This can only happen if the condom breaks or has a hole in it.

Q4. What is another name for a female condom?

There is another name for a female condom- Internal Condom. This ladies condom is used as a birth control device that keeps sperm away from entering the vagina.

Q5. Why are condoms flavoured?

Flavoured condoms are specially designed to be used during oral sex. The flavoured coating helps to avoid the taste of latex and makes oral sex more enjoyable.

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