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Matcha Benefits for Skin & How to Use

Written By Garima Bahal
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Matcha benefits for skin
All About Matcha
Matcha Benefits for Skin
How to Use the Matcha Powder for Skin

From ageing skin to acne, there is one ingredient that can solve multiple problems, all at once –  There are plenty of matcha benefits for skin. If you are a big fan of all green nutrients for your skin, then a matcha mask would be your favourite in no time. This fantastic green powder consists of natural anti-ageing properties and antioxidants with beneficial green plant compounds. 

Using matcha for acne can be a great solution to this pesky problem. Applying a matcha mask regularly will make your skin glow and leave it as soft as a feather. Matcha is used most popularly in the form of masks and powders. While there are plenty of matcha powder benefits for skin, this super ingredient is also great for your hormones and the body’s overall functioning. 

This article will tell you all about matcha and how matcha for skin can be a gamechanger. 

All About Matcha

Before knowing the various matcha benefits for skin, it is crucial to understand how this ingredient is made. Matcha powder is used extensively to make teas. These are nothing but naturally dried and crushed leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Since the 12th century, this plant and its powder have been a part of Japanese culture. In Japan and worldwide now, it is commonly used to produce different types of tea. These teas are also used for the skin as a part of matcha skin care. 

If you want to derive maximum benefits from your matcha tea, it is imperative to know that it isn’t heated much like regular tea. Keeping its processing to a minimum preserves the nutrients and antioxidants in it better, due to which consuming matcha tea has high health benefits. 

Matcha tea has advantages for your body when not crushed and consumed like your regular tea. Consuming whole leaves has proven to improve your heart, boost immunity, and reduce the risk of cancer as well. While its consumption has several significant benefits, there are plenty of ways to apply this powder to your skin.

Matcha Benefits for Skin

Like several natural green powders which people use for making face packs and masks, the matcha also has the same vibrant green colour. The chlorophyll content in the matcha makes it look green and chlorophyll in its natural plant compound is essential for photosynthesis. The chemical reaction of direct sunlight transforms into energy. 

That being said, the chlorophyll content present in the powder can rejuvenate and  transform the skin. Following are the few matcha powder benefits for skin:

  • It protects the skin from sun damage which can reduce the wrinkles and sunspots on your skin. 
  • Applying a matcha mask helps your acne-prone skin, resulting in great skin with a fantastic texture. This is the reason why matcha for acne is widely used. 
  • Along with these benefits, matcha skin care reduces the puffy look on your face.
  • It is also beneficial in reducing dark circles, as it has a lot of Vitamin K present, which aids in blood circulation.
  • Matcha also fights hormonal acne. Therefore, you don’t just derive skin benefits from it when you apply it on the face, you can even benefit from it if you wish to consume it as a tea.
  • People who have a lot of redness and irritation on the face can go for matcha powder for face, as it helps with inflammation and rashes.

How to Use the Matcha Powder for Skin

Matcha for skin is widely used, as it provides a long-lasting result to the skin in a short duration. Here are a few ways of how you can indulge in some matcha skin care:

1. A Quick Pore Cleansing Mask

This is an easy recipe, which is also quick to apply. To apply matcha powder for face, mix one and a half tablespoons of clay and half a quarter teaspoon of matcha powder with a tablespoon of water until it turns into a thick paste. Then gently apply it on the skin and leave it for a while until it is dried and you can peel it off. This works wonderfully for the face and can be used to enjoy the matcha benefits for skin.

2. An Effective Skin Toner

Matcha powder for skin can also be used as a toner. All you need to do is mix the matcha powder with some water and an oil of your choice in a spray bottle and spray it on your face as much as you need. You can even apply it as a mask or face scrub. The results of matcha powder for face, when used as a toner, are impeccable.

3. A Moisturiser for Dry Skin

A lot of people use matcha powder for face when they are facing dry skin problems. Dry facial skin is super annoying and this is when face masks like matcha can be used. Mix matcha powder with coconut oil to create a mask that eases your dry skin, makes it smooth, and brings it back to the original complexion. This is one of the best matcha benefits for skin. 

4. A Remedy for Acne

Macha for acne is a tried and tested remedy. To get rid of acne and its marks, mix one tablespoon matcha powder and some lemongrass oil. These ingredients create an antibacterial mask that kills the bacteria that causes acne and helps heal previous scars. 


With plenty of chemical products available, people today prefer spending and indulging in natural products. Seeing the matcha benefits for skin, a lot of people are now shifting their focus towards this Japanese marvel. Beneficial in numerous ways, matcha is a sure-shot solution for many skin problems. So, go ahead and give it a try to get that flawless skin! 

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