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Must-Have Dry Fruits For Weight Loss To Speed Up The Process

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dry fruits for weight loss
Dry Fruits for Weight Loss
Best Dried Fruit For Weight Loss

The present-day world is recognising the need for healthy eating like never before. Awareness in the area of health and fitness has improved and people have started to realise that gaining weight can lead to various health issues. Therefore, healthier options for early morning snacks, midday nibbling or 4 pm binging are gaining popularity. One great option here is dry fruits. Having dry fruits for weight loss shows great results, proving to be healthy apart from being delicious. 

Being healthy is not just shedding those extra pounds to look good but it is all about staying fit. With the sedentary lifestyle on the increase, a healthy diet has become the need of the hour. Thankfully, people are now becoming more health-conscious and are open to following a healthy diet. 

Dry fruits are loaded with healthy nutrients. By substituting a regular snack with dry fruits, you are keeping unhealthy fats and carbohydrates leading to weight gain at bay. 

This article is all about the benefits of making dry fruits a part of your regular diet and gaining from the many dry fruits benefits for weight loss.

Dry Fruits for Weight Loss

Your weight loss journey can be stress-free and less strenuous if you include dry fruits in your diet. The reason is simple – apart from dry fruits benefits for weight loss, these bite-sized goodies are rich in nutrients and fibres that help in boosting metabolism and lending an overall feel-good factor.  

The fibres in the dry fruits curb hunger pangs as well. Hence, you feel full for a longer period. Dry fruits not only help in the digestion of food but also help in maintaining gut health that is most essential for your overall well being.

Dry fruits for weight loss can work as an alternative. With that being said, you should not snack right from the bag, as dry fruits in heavy quantities will not serve the purpose. Dry fruits consumed in moderation can do wonders. If you have a snacking habit and are unable to give it up, replacing the regular snacks with dry fruits will help you succeed in reaching your goal of losing weight.

Best Dried Fruit For Weight Loss

Having understood the importance of dry fruits in your diet, you also need to be aware of the best dried fruit for weight loss to get maximum benefits from your efforts.

Here is a list of dry fruits for weight loss, which every weight watcher must know of

  • Raisins: Raisins have proven to promote weight loss. Soaked raisins have a better effect than raw raisins as the nutritional value of raisins increase on soaking and the nutrients in them are better absorbed by the body if consumed in the soaked form. Raisins inhibit sugar cravings and help maintain sugar levels in the body and this is one of the reasons why you can have raisins for weight loss

Calorie intake is not affected by consuming raisins and so you can snack on them without fear of adding extra calories. The fibre content in raisins makes them a good remedy for constipation. Raisins enhance metabolism and so are very good for weight loss.

If you intend to consume raisins for weight loss, you need to soak them overnight and have them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to get maximum results.

  • Almonds: Containing a lower amount of calories is the best aspect of almonds when it comes to weight loss. They are rich in nutrients like antioxidants, mono-saturated fats, and protein. People who are obese or overweight tend to have a high level of bad cholesterol. The level of bad cholesterol can be reduced and controlled by consuming almonds. So making almonds a companion in your weight loss journey will certainly benefit you.
  • Dates: Dates are rich in fibre and will keep you full for a longer period. Your hunger pangs will be reduced and you will not be tempted to snack in between meals. Dates also contain Vitamin B5 that enhances your stamina. With increased stamina, you can exercise better and head faster towards your weight loss goal. 
  • Cashew Nuts: Cashews are rich in magnesium. Magnesium is very effective in weight loss, as it regulates the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate contents in the body.
  • Pistachios: Snacking on pistachios will prove to be highly beneficial in weight loss. Pistachios are a good source of fibre, improving digestion and regulating bowel movement. The result of enhanced metabolism is quick weight loss.
  • Walnuts: This dry fruit for weight loss is unique in its own way. It consists of Omega 3 fatty acids in abundance along with alpha-linolenic acid. These fatty acids regulate the fat in the body and are also good for cardiovascular health. Normally, obese and overweight people will have cardiovascular issues and consumption of walnuts will help in improving their heart health.
  • Hazelnuts: Hazelnuts have a very high fibre content along with good fats. Fibre helps in keeping you full for a longer period and will curb the in-between snacking urge which can be the first leap towards the weight loss goal.
  • Apricots: Apricots have magnesium that regulates the metabolism of fat and aids considerably in weight loss. Apricots can make you feel full for a longer period – for more than five hours. With reduced hunger pangs, you will be able to manage weight loss better.
  • Figs: Fibre is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system and figs have fibre content in abundance. The addition of figs in your diet plan for weight loss will provide optimum benefit, as the Ficin enzyme present in them acts as a catalyst for weight loss. It supports overall health by curbing sugar cravings.
  • Prunes: If you are monitoring your calorie intake to bring down your weight, having prunes for weight loss is the best idea. The dietary fibre in prunes enhances the movement of food in the intestine and aids in the quicker release of toxins and waste from the body. This enhances the pace of weight loss in the body. 

Prunes for weight loss make a healthy snack with low calories and aid in regulating calorie intake when you are on a weight loss programme.

  • Black Currant: Black current is best when consumed before workout, as it stimulates energy and helps in better performance. It is packed with nutrition and helps to reduce as well as prevent health issues like obesity and heart health.
  • Goji berries: Goji berries are rich in fibre and help boost metabolism, aiding in weight loss.


The range of dry fruits for weight loss is large and you can easily pick your favourites for your fitness journey. But what you should also be aware of is dry fruits have a positive impact on weight loss only when consumed in moderation. Overconsumption will not serve the purpose and may also have harmful effects, as some of the dry fruits are rich in calories. Ensure that you consume only natural dry fruits and not with any additives like sugar, spices, or salt.

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