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Pledges to take this World Mental Health Day

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

mental health day

We all know this high-tech era has brought too much of everything and keeping the overthinking and that overwhelmingness at bay is quite hard. So many people experience or get affected by mental health conditions every year. As a result, there’s an urgent need to address and take care of ourselves. Here are some of the pledges we should focus on this World Mental Health Day for our well being. 

  • Treat Yourself With Respect & Kindness

One of the first pledges is to value yourself and not fall into the loop of self-criticism. Take out time for your favourite projects, hobbies, or explore more. Keep your phone aside and do a daily crossword puzzle or any puzzle that your newspaper has, plant a garden, learn to play any instrument of your choice, learn a new language, or just do whatever you have wanted to do for so long.

  • Take Care of Your Physical Health 

Working on your physical health will improve your mental health too. For that you need to eat well-balanced meals, try a diet for stress management, follow a proper workout routine, or try yoga for mental health, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and avoid drinking, vaping or smoking. 

  • Learn to Deal With Stress 

Whether you accept it or not, stress is a part of life. So, you must learn how to deal with stress. Try learning some good coping skills like journaling, talking to someone, taking a nature walk, playing with your pet, deep breathing, workout/ exercise etc. Also, smile and try to see things from different perspectives, focus on being more humorous. It will really help you to deal with stress. According to research laughter helps in boosting the immune system, easing pain, reducing stress, and relaxing your body. 

  • Surround Yourself With Good People 

As per the studies, people with strong family or social connections are healthier than those who lack any kind of support network. Make plans with your supportive family members, friends or join a support group, class or club, where you can meet new people. 

  • Set Realistic Goals 

It is important to have goals in life, there should be something that you work for or gives you motivation. So, decide what you want to achieve personally, academically, or professionally. But make sure your goals are realistic. You will develop a sense of self worth and enjoy an amazing sense of accomplishment as you reach closer to your goal. 

  • Break The Monotonous Routine

Routines make us efficient and enhance our feelings of safety and security. But sometimes a little change in your routine can brighten up your day. Change your jogging route, try a new restaurant, take a walk in a different park, or plan a road trip. 

  • Take Help When You Need

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. Appropriate care can help you recover from addiction, mental illness and lead good, rewarding lives. 

  • Say No to Drugs & Alcohol 

Avoid consuming alcohol and drugs. Sometimes people use alcohol, smoking, and other drugs to self medicate but doing this can aggravate problems. 

Ways to Spread Awareness on Mental Health 

Mental health affects almost everyone. The good news is that whether or not you have any mental health condition, there are various ways you can help. Here are some of the mental health awareness tips. 

  • Educate Yourself About Mental Illnesses

Learn about mental health and share what you learn. This includes talking to children about mental health. Make them understand in easy terms. Because no one is immune to mental illness, anyone can experience conditions such as anxiety and depression in their early teens too. 

  • Promote A Mental Health Screening Event With People Around You

Talking about mental health or promoting a mental health screening event can encourage people to take action regarding their mental health. You can learn more about mental health tests, mental health checks online. 

  • Social Media 

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram can be used to inspire people to be inquisitive and open minded when it comes to mental illness.  


Maintaining a proper lifestyle can help you maintain your mental health. Also, every person can play a vital role in helping others with a mental illness feel comfortable and encourage them to seek support. 

This world mental health day what will you do to help yourself and others? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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