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Shredded vs Lean Muscle: Know the difference

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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Difference In Your Routine 
You Get To Eat More

Most beginners on their weight loss journey confuse being shredded with being lean and think that the game plan involved is similar. That is not the case at all. With so many different websites with different variations of getting fit, you tend to assume that going from a state of being lean to developing entirely shredded muscles can be achieved easily by cutting your nutritional intake for an extended period. 

The primary differentiation between being ripped to shreds and becoming lean is very significant; knowing these minor differences can play a massive role in shaping how you hit your reps. While it may not be all there is to it, maintaining a caloric deficit and following diets to lose weight do have a significant impact on getting ripped, but not in the way you think. 

Not only is this process going to test your caloric balancing ability, but it will also push your physical and mental strength to their very limits. While getting lean may be easy, developing and toning your muscles to transform into having a shredded body will still be one of the hardest things you have ever done. 

The first thing you have to do is to allow your body to get used to being lean. It is never a good idea to try becoming shredded right after achieving the lean status. That would require your body to undergo intense physical training after being in weeks of calorie deficit. Even if you try to shift to a less taxing diet, your body’s metabolic activity will not recover enough to get into the drill for at least a few weeks. 

If you decide to proceed with your workouts while still being in the lean phase, you will reach a point that most bodybuilders call grinding metal. In this stage, even the slightest drop in your nutritional intake because of your diet plan to lose weight or the tiniest increase in the amount of physical activity you are going through will make your body look and feel smaller, completely depleting you of your physical energy at the same time. 

Once you get lean, the smart thing to do is try and keep your body in that state before deciding to move on to a more difficult challenge. Gradually increase your nutritional intake while working on some essential belly fat-burning exercises staying in a five to ten-pound radius of your current “lean“ stage. While this process may not be easy, it will allow your metabolism to jumpstart and trick your mind into staying in shape for a more extended period. Get adjusted to this stage for a while before deciding to get ripped or shredded.

Once you try getting shredded, you may notice that being lean has many unique components compared to your new routine. Here are a few differences between getting shredded and having a lean body.

Difference In Your Routine 

Being lean is a relatively repetitive process; you eat the same things and do more or less the same workouts, and you may have to experience a little meal fatigue and postpone your meals. When you try to become shredded, the process instantly becomes a hundred times worse. Your body is in a constant state of low-grade hunger. Most people confuse this for a signal from their body that their muscles are being lost, but in fact, this is just the metabolic activity in your body doing its job. Getting ripped will require you to feel somewhat hungry throughout the day instead of being lean, which satisfies your hunger pangs at some point during the day.

You Get To Eat More

When you are trying to get lean, you can get away with eating more than you need. It might take a bit longer, but the results will still be the same. However, getting shredded is not as easy or forgiving. Except for very few and rare exceptions, you have to follow a rigorous diet and regimen when you want that ripped body. 

While getting lean is almost too quantified and has somewhat of an exact science based on well-established and supported steps, it still has the option of choosing not to work. This is when you try to shock your body into further weight loss by following approaches like ketogenic diets. Even in cases like this, you still get to indulge yourself a little and have a modicum of control over your hunger pangs. 

Getting shredded is a different story altogether; it causes your body to go into survival mode. Every single organ that you have will send cues to your brain and demand food from you. This is where many bodybuilders begin to lose control and begin snacking uncontrollably on whatever is there lying around and lose all their progress.
These processes are demanding and tend to take a toll on your body as your muscles tend to jump into recovery mode. The best way to build and strengthen them during this cycle is to support your body with healthy nutritional supplements such as HealthKart Protein. Visit our website and discover more products that can help you lose weight fast.

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