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Understanding the Importance and Benefits of Hair Spa

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Benefits of Hair Spa

There’s a popular saying, “hair that slays starts with good care”. Getting a spa is one of the best ways to contribute towards your hair care. A hair spa is equally essential for all hair types. It is a rejuvenating treatment for the hair, reducing the harsh effects of dirt, pollution, and sun. It also leaves it looking soft and healthy while strengthening it from the root. The process includes a lot of head massage that stimulates the hair follicles and induces blood circulation in your scalp. Needless to say, the benefits of hair spa abound but before we dive into them, let us learn a bit about hair hygiene. 

Fundamentals of Hair Care

Here are a few basic hair care tips that can be followed on a daily basis at home in order to get promising results:

  1. Avoid usage of hot water on hair as it can cause damage and may increase hair fall. Instead, use cold or lukewarm water.
  2. Don’t forget to use conditioners after each wash as it reduces frizziness and tangles.
  3. Regular trimming should be a vital part of your hair care routine as it eliminates split ends and makes way for healthy growth.
  4. Reduce the frequency of washes and set it according to the hair type. People with dry hair should wash it two to three times a week whereas people with oily hair should do it every alternate day.
  5. Instead of keeping your hair tied all the time, you should let it loose once in a while to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your hair.

Steps Included in Hair Care Routine

Hair care can be easily carried out at home as well as in a salon; you only need to invest some time and patience. Listed below are the essential steps involved in hair care routine:

  1. Shampooing: it is done to eliminate the dirt and dead skin cells.
  2. Hair Mask: this helps remove the dry flakes of your scalp and nourish your hair follicles.
  3. Massage: it increases the blood flow in your scalp, thus, boosting hair growth.
  4. Steaming: this step opens the pores and promotes absorption of the products applied.
  5. Rinsing: this final step consists of washing the hair thoroughly so that no chemicals are left on the hair.

Benefits of Hair Spa

We’ve already briefly discussed how spas can prove to be beneficial for your hair. Here are some of the major advantages of hair spa listed below:

  1. Unclogs scalp pores and removes dirt and impurities, thus inducing hair growth.
  2. Contributes in busting stress that reduces hair fall. 
  3. Balances the pH level of your scalp, preventing dandruff and promoting healthy hair.
  4. Improves the blood circulation by enhancing the blood flow in your scalp, resulting in stronger and voluminous hair.
  5. Moisturises the scalp and prevents frizz and dryness.
  6. Regulates the sebum production in your scalp.

Hair Spas at Home? You Bet It’s Possible!

There are several advantages of hair spa. People who are skeptical to go to a salon or are just too tired to because of their hectic schedules can simply get the benefits of hair spa at home by following these three simple steps given below:

1. Massage 

Begin with a hot oil massage by heating two tablespoons of either olive oil or coconut oil in the microwave. Make sure it isn’t very hot. Massage it on your scalp for about five to ten minutes. For extra benefit, you can also add two drops of vitamin E oil.

2. Wash 

Wrap your head with a warm damp towel next and leave it on for about five minutes and then proceed to wash your hair with lukewarm water.

3. Apply Hair Mask

Finally, apply a mask that suits your hair type. Apply it from the root of your hair to the tips. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Lastly, shampoo with lukewarm water and rinse off your mask thoroughly. 

If your hair woes are rather serious and you need professional intervention, then you might have to opt for hair spas at a good salon. 

Spa Treatments Available in Salons 

Listed below are different hair spa treatments that are available for you at the salons. Go for the one that suits your needs the best.

  1. For hair fall: increases hair growth and improves blood circulation in the scalp.
  2. For dandruff and dry scalp: hydrates your scalp and eliminates dry flakes.
  3. For oily hair: reduces greasiness and hydrates your scalp.
  4. For itchy scalp: soothes the scalp and moisturises it.
  5. For hair smoothening: helps you achieve smooth, silky and frizz-free hair.

Side Effects of Hair Spa 

There are both hair spa benefits and side effects that you need to be mindful of. Some of the side effects are:

  1. Hair spas can be a huge investment as you should do them on a timely basis in order to show effective results.
  2. After prolonged hair treatments, such as spas, the dye in the hair may start to fade.
  3. Hair spas alone are ineffective, as following a good hair care routine everyday is also important.
  4. A hair spa treatment usually lasts for about a month only if you don’t follow a good hair care regimen along with it. 


Hair spas revitalize your scalp and ensure healthy hair when done atleast once a month. The spa treatment leaves your hair looking voluminous and shiny as it brings your hair back to life. Thus, everyone should reap the benefits of hair spa either in a salon or at the comfort of home.

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