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5 Ways To Build Lean Muscle Gain

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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Do you often wonder how these big celebs have such an amazing physique and what they do to maintain that lean body? If you have been working out regularly but still didn’t achieve your body goals, then this article is surely going to help you get that celeb type lean muscular physique in no time. All you gotta do is follow the tips that we are going to share with you.

If you are searching for the best ways to get a leaner and a tighter body, then the first thing that you got to keep in mind is that  you have to focus on lean mass gain and lose those extra fats. Don’t worry,  we won’t  share any tips that will make your body bulky. Guys can only get bulkier if they undergo weight training programs that are especially designed for bodybuilders and ladies usually  don’t bulk up when they lift weights. The main goal of this article is to help you to get a tighter and more sculpted body.

Here are 5 ways to build lean muscles:

  1. Follow A Healthy Diet Plan

Exercising is no doubt very important to get that chiseled body, but maintaining a proper diet plan is equally important. Have you ever heard about the 80-20 rule? Well! It says your body depends 80% on what you eat and 20% on how you burn those calories. So, the first tip to gain muscles is to maintain a proper diet plan.

Protein is the most important macronutrient that should be included in your diet for muscle gain. You must eat enough protein as it  not only he;ps to build muscles but also helps to repair damaged tissues & muscles. It also gives your body the strength and endurance to workout for long hours. Along with protein you should also include clean carbohydrates, fibers and other vital nutrients to your daily diet for a lean body

  1. Do Proper Strength And Weight Training Exercises

Strength training can provide stress to your muscles, which, in turn, helps them to adapt and get stronger. This type of training is quite similar to the way aerobic exercises can help to strengthen your heart. Strength training can help to increase the muscle protein synthesis in the body, which is required to build a lean muscle body. Weight and strength training can boost your body’s testosterone and growth hormone production, which again can help the muscles to get bigger and stronger.

  1. Do Higher Intensity Workouts

HIIT workout or high-intensity interval training can help to ramp up your metabolism rate, which, in turn, can help to burn fat and  boost hypertrophy or growth of muscles. Some of the best HIIT exercises for gaining lean body mass are cardio workouts like running, climbing stairs, rowing, jumping rope, etc. 

  1. Take Help Of Supplements

To give your body the energy it needs you need to get proper nutrients and if your food is not enough to get you the requisite amount of macro/micronutrients, then you should always consume supplements. You need to build a muscle diet plan to get the desired results and therefore, you can include supplements like protein shakes, BCAA’s, mass gainers, CLA’s, Glutamine, Creatine, etc. 

All these supplements are loaded with vital elements that support proper muscle building, which includes both macro and micro nutrients. To build lean mass muscles you need to know, which supplements are best suited for your body. Protein powders are no doubt the best when we speak about muscle development and growth. However, you can ask your nutritionist if your body requires some other supplements like multivitamins or pre/post workout supplements and have them accordingly to get better results.

  1. Get Plenty Of Rest

Your body needs the right amount of nutrients and the best types of workout, but it also needs plenty of rest in order to get that lean body build. Wondering why? Well! Your body needs to repair the wear and tear of muscles and tissues that took place while you were busy doing those weight training or any other muscle building exercises. Even though you are giving your body with BCAA supplements or other supplements to pace up the recovery process, your body still needs good amounts of rest to keep you ready for the next rounds of tough workout sessions. 

Conclusion: Talk to a nutritionist and get a proper diet plan to make sure you get the exact amounts of calories that your body needs. Also,  try to speak with your gym instructor or fitness trainer and get his/her guidance if you are serious about gaining muscles. It is very important to do the correct type of workout to gain muscle mass. Eat healthy, maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not miss your workout sessions, these are the mantras to gain lean muscle mass. 

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