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Beta Alanine Benefits That are Worth Exploring

Written By HealthKart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

What is Beta Alanine?
How Does Beta – Alanine Work?
Top Food Sources of Beta – Alanine
Top 5 Beta – Alanine Benefits

It’s no secret that goals can only be achieved through hard work, whether you’re an athlete preparing for a contest, a fitness fanatic looking to break your own records, or a busy worker trying to stay fit. One thing that sets overachievers apart is their willingness to do just one more rep, set, or workout. Could there be a way to support increased workload so you can get that extra rep in? Among the most popular performance ingredients right now is beta-alanine, due to its ability to help decrease muscle fatigue. There are various beta alanine benefits that are worth exploring. Read on to know about them all.

What is Beta Alanine?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid. The body is capable of producing beta-alanine and it is formed by microbes in the liver or gut. Beta-alanine, coupled with histidine, forms carnosine during exercise that reduces acid build-up.  There is substantial evidence that beta-alanine enhances performance and can benefit overall health. These beta alanine benefits have made it an extremely popular supplement within the fitness industry.

How Does Beta-Alanine Work?

Beta alanine supplements help improve athletic performance by enhancing the way your muscles respond to intense exercise. However, you must first understand what happens to your muscles during exercise.  You use glucose as energy during anaerobic exercise – a form of high-intensity exercise. In muscle tissue, lactic acid is produced as a by-product of glycolysis [glucose breakdown] and contributes to the sensation of “burning”, aches when you push yourself to complete more repetitions, causing fatigue and soreness.  Beta-Alanine along with histidine produces carnosine, which is stored in muscle. When we exercise, carnosine acts as a buffer and aids in reducing the effects of lactic acid and hydrogen ions, which build up in our muscles. 

Additionally, beta-alanine (and subsequent carnosine) prevents fatigue and soreness in your muscles, so you can work out for longer

Top Food Sources of Beta-Alanine

The top beta alanine foods are easily available and can be incorporated in our regular diet:

  1. Meat
  2. Poultry 
  3. Fish

It is a component of larger compounds – mostly carnosine and anserine – that break free during digestion. In comparison with omnivores, vegetarians and vegans tend to produce less carnosine.

Most people can get enough Beta-alanine through their diet but Beta-alanine supplements will help you increase its levels even more.

Top 5 Beta-Alanine Benefits

Some of the beta-alanine benefits are:

  1. Endurance Enhancement 

Research has shown that beta-alanine can delay the time it takes for endurance athletes to become exhausted, resulting in more work completed in a given amount of time. You’ll have more endurance and may be able to accomplish faster race times.

  1. Increase in the Effort
    As glucose disintegrates into lactic acid in the muscles, it limits the time that a person can take to perform a high-intensity activity. It also limits how hard they can push themselves. Particularly relevant are endurance activities and challenging short-duration workouts such as HIIT or Crossfit. Researchers found that beta-alanine supplements did improve the time to exhaustion (TTE) of participants by 19% when taking them for six weeks during high-intensity interval training.
  2. Increase Muscle Endurance for People Over 55+
    Those aged 55+ may benefit from beta-alanine by increasing muscle endurance, which can help them reach their training goals. Besides its training benefits, it also helps improve the quality of your life. It is possible that improving muscle endurance can reduce the risk of falling in older adults, allowing them to lead their lives with more confidence and strength.
  3. Anti-Ageing Properties
    It is believed that as we age, carnosine, which beta-alanine builds inside the body, depletes. Despite more research being necessary, beta-alanine is considered to have the potential as an anti-ageing agent in the body.
  4. Help with Type II Diabetes
    Taking beta-alanine supplements could be beneficial when controlling type II diabetes. In one study, people diagnosed with type II diabetes who took 4g of beta-alanine daily for 28 days experienced lower fasting blood glucose levels and increased exercise capacity.


It can be extremely effective to use beta-alanine for athletes and fitness lovers. In addition, beta-alanine supplements are extremely affordable and widely considered among the best naturally occurring performance boosters. The beta-alanine supplement has probably been the most consistently effective performance-enhancing supplement to hit the sports nutrition market and it is frequently recommended by top-level athletes. It has ample evidence to prove that athletes, especially vegetarians, women, and ectomorphs (hard gainers), can reap multiple beta alanine benefits through regular consumption. Despite its potential for causing a tingling effect when taken in excessive amounts, beta-alanine is considered a safe and efficacious supplement for boosting exercise performance.

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