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Essential Banana Benefits for Kids

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Banana benefits
Benefits of Banana for Kids

Bananas are a powerhouse of nutrients. They are usually the first solid food that mothers introduce to their babies. They are soft, mushy in texture and are wholesome. Not only kids, but the nutritional value of bananas is also immense and great for adults. Banana benefits for adults include boosting digestion, improving sugar levels in diabetes and weight management, promoting heart health, decreased blood pressure, etc. 

Bananas are the healthiest of all fruits and have a high level of antioxidants, which protects your kid against several chronic diseases. Include bananas in your kid’s diet in fun ways such as shakes and smoothies. They are available at all seasons and are a tasty nutrition boost to anyone’s diet.

Benefits of Banana for Kids

There are various ways in which bananas contribute in maintaining the health of your kids. Let’s look at some of the major banana benefits for kids

1. High in Fibre

Bananas are rich in fibre. If your kid is a fussy eater, you may feed him or her bananas to keep them feeling full for longer. Bananas can also be given to kids who are constipated. They are naturally sweet and kids like to eat them. They make for a great snack and can be added to smoothies and cereals. 

2. Easy to Digest

Bananas are great for the digestive system even in babies. The babies who are still getting used to their digestive system can have bananas as they are easy to digest. It is convenient for kids to have mashed bananas, which are not too heavy on their stomach. Regular intake of bananas regulates bowel movement and prevents gastrointestinal problems in kids. 

3. Full of Nutrients

Bananas are loaded with nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, B6, manganese, and many more. These nutrients in bananas ensure that your kid’s overall health is good, well-maintained and that he or she is active.

4. Regulating the Blood Pressure

Bananas have high potassium and magnesium, and are low in sodium  content, which is a great combination when it comes to blood pressure. 

5. Improving Eyesight & Bone Development

Bananas also contain carotenoids that are converted to vitamin A, which is highly beneficial for your kid’s vision. The potassium content in bananas helps grow and strengthen bones.

6. Preventing Anaemia

Kids may often lack essential nutrients in their daily diet. Bananas are rich in iron and are essential for the production of haemoglobin in the blood. Iron-rich foods can help prevent your child from getting anaemia.

7. Increasing Brain Power & Memory

Bananas are great fuel for your kid’s brain. They help in increasing the concentration power. The potassium, manganese, vitamin C and fibre present in Bananas enhances memory, improves cognition and  leads to proper brain functioning and enhanced brain capacity.

8. Giving Instant Energy

Bananas are considered to be a great sports food choice and are important to keep your kid physically active all day. They get tired and require a lot of energy and bananas can help maintain their energy levels as well as elevate their mood.  


There are numerous banana benefits. Bananas can be a great first food option for babies and makes for a super snack for kids. It is best to feed your kids raw produce instead of packaged food that contains bananas. They can be introduced in your kid’s diet from a very early stage and you may gradually increase the feed amount.

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