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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Treatment

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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Don’t you just hate those bad hair days? Needless to say, you have tried every possible treatment to keep your mane in control. However, with the growing to-do lists for hair care, it can get all too confusing. From vitamin hair growth supplements to traditional home remedies, we have tried it all. But, if you are trying to lock down on the right hair treatment for yourself, here is a complete guide to help you get started. 

Your Hair Washing Habits Matter 

Before you jump into grow hair tablets or other supplements, think about how you wash your hair. Just by making small changes in your hair washing habits, you can see visible results. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to hair care is over-washing. If your hair is colored or bleached, especially, you must cut down on the number of times you wash your hair. This helps retain the natural proteins and oils in your scalp that keep your hair looking healthy. 

For best results, wash your hair only three times a week. Here is another golden rule, the thicker and curlier your hair, the longer you can go without washing it. 

Protect Your Hair 

We love to straighten, curl and blow dry hair to keep it looking fabulous. But, have you ever wondered how much damage that causes to your hair? Make sure you protect it with heat resistant serums or protective hair creams. Choose products with ingredients like biotin for hair growth for the dual benefits of protection and nourishment. 

You also get UV protection sprays that keep your hair free from unwanted sun damage. Also, when you blow dry your hair, remember to keep the dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair to prevent split ends and other damage to your hair. 

Pay Attention to Blow Drying 

Let us revisit blow-drying and understand it in more detail. It is something we all do on a daily basis, almost. But the question is, are we doing it right? Hair that is damaged from poor blow drying techniques cannot be revived from any amount of growing hair tablets or other products. 

Flip your hair down, keeping your head bent and blow dry the hair from a distance. While doing so, shake your hair slightly while doing so. The more the hair is moved, the more the volume. When it is about 80% back, flip it back and then blow dry small sections of hair until it is polished to the ends. Make sure the brush moves to the end of the tresses. 

Get The Right Hair Tools

You must never scamp on your hair care tools. Make sure you use good quality products that not only last long, but also keep your hair clean and healthy. 

Invest in good hairbrushes first. They are expensive but they last for a long time if taken care of well. Make sure you clean your hairbrush regularly. Use a tail comb to move and flip your hair when blow-drying or parting your hair. 

Always keep the tools clean. They need to be washed with warm water and baking soda, once every month. 

Use a Good Conditioner 

Today, you have a host of hair conditioners with ingredients like biotin for hair growth. Choosing the right product and using it correctly can help keep hair healthy, irrespective of the texture. If you have curly or textured hair, avoid any two-minute conditioner. You must always deep cleanse. 

Some heat to your hair works very well to let the conditioner soak in. So, it is a good idea to apply a conditioner while you are in the shower. Alternatively, you can cover your hair with a plastic cap and then use a hair dryer to apply heat externally.

Use leave-in conditioners that have vitamins hair growth and also nourish your hair all through the day. 

Brush Your Hair Correctly 

To keep your mane free from matting and static, you need to brush it well. But most often we just tear through hair, causing extensive damage. To keep your hair looking healthy and shiny, always brush it twice each day. 

Contrary to the regular practice of brushing from the root to the tips, experts suggest that you start from the bottom and then work your way towards the roots. With all these common hair treatment techniques for healthy and shiny hair, you also need to ensure that your hair is cared for from within. A healthy diet and good hydration form the basis of good hair care. Using biotin for hair growth is one of the most effective ways to keep it strong from the roots. Include supplements or foods that are rich in vitamins like biotin and watch your hair transform.

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