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Exercises To Get Lean Muscle Without Weights

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Exercises To Get Lean Muscle Without Weights

One of the most common misconceptions about weight loss is the myth that you have to lift heavy weights in order to lose some of that body fat. The truth is, while lifting weights is beneficial, it is not essential for building strength or toning your body. 

In fact, working out by manipulating your own weight is more than enough. Combining a strict exercise regime with a diet plan to lose weight can work wonders for you. At the same time, you must also make sure to practice your routine at least thrice a week in order to achieve maximum strength success.

Here are a few exercises to lose weight that you can follow to get lean without using any  weights: 


Push ups are one of the most efficient and effective ways to kickstart muscle building in your upper body. Push ups are also useful for developing your biceps and triceps.

They work out all forms of your upper body muscles such as chest, shoulders, arms and back. With enough repetitions, you can begin experimenting with your pushups on different surfaces. Start on the floor and slowly move your way up to doors, walls, or stairwells. 

The varying degrees of incline can help you build tolerance to the strain exerted on your muscles, which is why push ups are one of the most effective belly fat burning exercises


Crunches are another set of easy exercises that you can do anywhere. They help you build and strengthen the muscles that surround your waist. Crunches are very different from sit-ups, and are even more effective in building a strong set of abdominal muscles while engaging the overall muscle group in your core. 

You can begin with 5-10 proper crunches every day and add a few more as you progress. Crunches are an excellent way to increase your stamina and have even been proven to improve lung capacity in certain cases.


Pull-ups are one of the most effective forms of exercises that engage your upper body. They cover your chest, shoulders, arms and back. However they are also incredibly difficult to pull off. 

So if you are someone who struggles with them you can begin with flat pull-ups and then slowly pace yourself until you get to a point where your muscles are sturdy enough to engage in upright pull-ups. Another way to develop your biceps and core muscles without any weights would be to add chin-ups to your workout. 


Squats are an exercise that most people often forget to include in their reps, even though they are really effective for increasing your body’s muscle mass. Squats engage your legs and back while focusing on your core, which helps in building a stronger lower back, making them an excellent way to lose belly fat.

Running or Jogging

One of the most obvious answers to the process of losing body weight has to be cardio. Activities such as walking and jogging are something that all of us can squeeze into our daily schedule because they require minimal effort and help you lose weight fast

A good way to engage your body in some serious cardio would be to begin with normal brisk walks and jogging in order to gradually increase your stamina. Once your body is used to this, it is time for you to advance to the next phase: running. 

When you first start running, your muscles are going to hurt a lot, which is why it is important for you to take your time and start slow with shorter distances. As you work your leg muscles and cardio system, increase your pace and distance. 

Jump Squats

Another good way of belly fat burning exercises would be to include jump squats in your workout. Using consecutive jump squats in endurance pushing reps like high intensity interval circuits can add a much needed cardio element for working your lower body. 

Try to get in at least three to four sets of fifteen reps with a couple minutes to cool off in between each set. Alternatively you can take the cool off time to come up with an isometric version of this exercise that hits your lower body more effectively. 

An important thing to keep in mind while carrying out these exercises would be to combine them with healthy sources of nutrition such as naturally sourced loose weight foods as well as weight loss drinks in order to get the best possible results. You can also opt for protein powders and multivitamin supplements to support your exercise efforts and get a leaner look faster.

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