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Know The Diet Of Sangram Chougule And Substitute

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Know The Diet Of Sangram Chougule And Substitute

Sangram Chougule is not just a name but an inspiration, teacher, diet plan, workout, and the symbol of discipline for many of us. He has shown that the sky has a limit. Nobody can come between you and your dream if you are determined to achieve it. You can achieve what you want and a dream takes a lot to come true. Yes Sangram Chougule has a faulty dictionary as it doesn’t have the word “impossible” in his dictionary. People in bodybuilding know the dedication, struggle, discipline, motivation, dreams behind the name. Maybe beginners need the introduction. Even the name itself is enough to get motivated, we have come up with his lifestyle from eating to training. Hold up your eyelids, believe me you don’t want to miss reading anything. 

Who Is Sangram Chougule?

Though many people know him as an entrepreneur, fitness icon, Mr. Universe, and Mr. World, he is more than that. Wherever someone says that you can’t do it. Before believing him remember there is a guy who comes from a very decent background, took training seriously, changed his career path, listened to his heart, and won Mr. Universe and the Mr. World title not only for one time but many times. He has won Mr. India, Mr. South Asia, world bodybuilding championships, asia men bodybuilding, again Mr India, and Mr. Asia, but most importantly hearts of million bodybuilding aspirants. The name is pushing you to see big dreams and chase them insanely without any second thought. Even the second though can’t come between you and your dreams. Maybe reading this you would get energized and start working out at your hardest. But many of you can’t continue it if you don’t have the burning desire in your heart. Now let’s talk about the hard part “training”. 

What To learn From Sangram’s Training:

When it comes to training, Sangram Chougule is not completed without talking about workout and nourishment. He believes that nourishment, habits, and workout go parrally. If you want to workout like him, you must reach at his level by consulting your trainer. But first know how serious he is about his diet. 

Daily Diet of Sangram Chougule: 

  • First meal: 2 cups egg whites, 3 whole eggs with 2 cups of oatmeal. 
  • Second meal: Peanut butter with 2 slices of wheat bread, 2 standard scoops of whey protein. 
  • Third meal: 2 cups of brown rice with veggies and 8 ounce chicken
  • Fourth meal: 2 bananas and 2 standard scoop of whey protein
  • Fifth meal: White rice with vegetables and 8 ounce lean meat
  • Sixth meal: 1 cup egg whites, 3 whole eggs and nuts. 

Options For Vegetarians: 

There are people who prefer vegetarian diets over non vegetarian diets. For them there are options. 

  • Fish’s Substitute: People get high quality protein with low fat from fish. Along with that it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins like B 2, vitamin D. Minerals like phosphorus and calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine, and others are found in it in sufficient amounts. You have to find the vegetarian options for that. So, you must go for peanuts, seeds, avocados, as a substitute for fish. All these seeds like chia, flax, hemp, edamame, some nuts like walnuts, and seaweed, algae are the great plant based sources of omega 3. You can’t eat fish all the time, so go for these substitutes. 
  • Chicken’s Substitute: People use chicken, especially the breast, as it is a great source of protein with low fats and calories. You should go for milk, whey protein, peanut butter, peas protein, and others as the substitute of chicken, if you don’t like chicken. For a better source of protein, you must go for chia seeds, quinoa, nutritional yeast, hemp seeds, sprouts and tofu. With including all these sources in your diet, you will have a variety of protein. The variety of proteins are far better than only one type of protein. Chicken doesn’t suit everyone especially in summer, so it is better to switch to plant based protein as soon as possible. 
  • Boiled vegetables: We are aware of the facts that vegetables are healthy. So, you have already got the recommendations that you should eat vegetables. It is a great source of water soluble vitamins including vitamin B 1, vitamin C, folate, and many minerals but do you know as you boil the vegetables, most of the vitamins and minerals evaporate. But boiling the vegetables is a must as it carries various bacteria, dirt, and contaminants with it. So, you have to take a middle step in between. Like eat some vegetables without cooking which are edible carrot, raddies, lactus, and others. You can sprinkle coriander on the top of your vegetables and curry to intact the nutrients of it.  

Diet is the most important part that you should learn from any achiever as it takes a disciple to stick upon only one schedule. Before training like Sangram Chougule, eat like him as per your workout level.

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