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How Does Trimming Hair Help You?

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Trimming and hair Growth
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There have been several contradictory views about whether or not trimming promotes rapid hair growth. There is no concrete answer to this debate. However, trimming hair brings you a plethora of other benefits. When you give your hair a new cut or even a slight trim, your split ends and damaged areas are gone for good. 

Let’s find out how often to trim hair for maximum hair growth and the reasons why you should consider giving your hair a trim more frequently.

Does Trimming Hair Make It Grow Thicker? 

Since the damaged portions of the hair are cut off, your hair may appear even textured and shinier than before. It gives your hair a healthier look and that is why it seems thicker post a trim. Your hair does not just look thick after a trim. They also grow thicker for a few centimetres, at least before the damage sets in again. 

After trimming , your hair starts growing from the section again soon. It makes your hair appear healthy and thick. Trimming hair also prevents hair fall in the long run because the damaged split ends are cut off and there is reduced hair breakage.

If you are wondering how often to trim hair, make sure you get a trim at least once in 12 weeks. Otherwise, the lowest portion of your hair starts getting damaged soon and prevents further growth.

Reasons to Trim Your Hair Frequently

If you’re looking for an answer to “does trimming promote hair growth?”, then the answer is – it may or may not, depending on person to person. However, there various reasons, including this one, where trimming hair can prove to be beneficial for you: 

  1. Giving your hair a trim frequently can make it healthy, eventually preventing hair fall and other hair-related issues.
  2. The appearance of damaged split ends can completely spoil your look at times. Keeping it neat and getting a cut frequently can help your overall appearance in the long run.
  3. Hair growth is related to a lot of factors. Trimming is one of the primary factors that indirectly promotes hair growth. How often you should trim your hair for growth entirely depends on your hair length and textures. Make sure you at least give your hair a trim every 12 weeks.
  4. You can easily manage your hair and do various hairstyles if your hair has a proper shape. Freshly trimmed hair is always more manageable compared to tangled hair. Even detangling your hair can be extremely painful if you do not frequently get rid of your split ends.
  5. Trimming hair frequently can give you the perfect frizz-free hair you dream of. If you get split ends, your hair will be damaged sooner than you can imagine. It gives rise to frizziness, specifically on your hair’s lower part, which becomes hard to manage.
  6. If you are tired of having short hair, trimming can help give you a healthy hair texture that will promote hair growth.
  7. If you ever got swollen-looking hair ends, then it is because you did not give your hair trim at the proper time. Your hair may look puffier if you do not get rid of the its problematic split ends and frizziness.
  8. If you are someone who does a lot of experiments with your hair and tries different hair products with chemicals, you need to trim your hair more frequently than those who don’t. The use of different styling products damages your hair and makes them frizzy in no time. It gives rise to unwanted split ends as well.
  9. How often you should trim your hair depends on your personal preferences. However, if you are someone with slow hair growth, you can easily wait for around 1.5 years before giving your hair another trim.
  10. Damaged hair makes your styling efforts a lot harder. When you get rid of the damaged parts of your hair, it becomes manageable. 

What Causes Split Ends?

For those still figuring the best time to get a trim and wondering, “how often should I trim my hair” it is first essential to understand what split ends are, how they damage your hair, and why they need to be trimmed off. This will help you create trimming timelines with ease. 

When your hair breaks into two or more ends at the tips, these are called split ends. There are several reasons for this split to happen. Some of the primary reasons that you should be aware of are:

  1. Combing your hair aggressively.
  2. Detangling your hair right after showering, i.e. when your hair is wet.
  3. If you step out in the sun frequently without covering your hair. Sun damage can make your hair brittle, quickly harming it and causing a split. 
  4. You are not conditioning your hair enough. 
  5. Not trimming regularly. 
  6. Using way too many chemicals on the scalp and hair.
  7. Using too many styling machines such as straighteners, curlers, crimpers, and more
  8. Colouring your hair regularly.

Apart from these reasons, the primary factor that can affect the overall health of your hair is your diet. If you do not maintain a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins, calcium, iron, antioxidants, and fibre, it can heavily harm your hair.


Does trimming promote hair growth? The answer to this is not simple. You would make the mistake to think that trimming your hair would cause rapid hair growth in no time. However, it is true that trimming makes your hair healthy and that eventually leads to hair growth. Make sure you understand what your hair needs and how you can take care of it. 

A timely trim is sure to prevent several hair-related issues like hair fall, split ends, frizziness, damaged hair, and other issues. Most importantly, focus on your dietary intake and opt for hair growth supplements to boost your hair health if needed.

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