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How To Care for Your Nails: 10 Steps

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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More often than not, we find ourselves thoroughly dissatisfied with the condition of our nails and realize that they are not as strong as we want them to be. The strength and appearance of our nails are also a significant indicator of overall health. At the same time, our nails also indicate any potential risk of diseases. Weak, soft, or brittle nails can be a common precursor to a nail infection, or even severe health complications such as kidney disease, psoriasis, or liver disease.  

Here are a few steps that you can follow to make sure that your nails remain in top condition. These also work as effective strong nail growth tips. Take a look:

#1. Drink Enough Water 

Staying hydrated plays a huge role in maintaining the appearance of your nails and health in general. Drinking at least two litres of water a day makes sure that your cuticles are not dry or flaky. Consumption of water is also beneficial for promoting nail growth. Lack of sufficient water intake can lead to cracked nails besides making them prone to damage and causing peeling of cuticles. 

#2. Taking Supplements 

Vitamins like Biotin play a major role in regulating the nervous system, and the appearance of hair and nails. While it is commonly found in whole food sources like eggs and salmon, it could be possible that you may not be getting enough of it. Consuming supplements like HealthKart Biotin in addition to a balanced healthy diet is another step towards maintaining healthy nails.

#3. Avoid Gel And Acrylics 

Studies show that using gel and acrylic based nail paints can have a deteriorating effect on your nails. The abrasive nature of the chemicals present in these paints can cause your cuticles to peel and damage your nail plate. The UV light used to dry nail paints is also quite harmful as its radiations may cause skin cancer.

#4. Trim Your Nails 

Always make sure to keep your nails short and trimmed. Longer, growing nails are at a higher risk of being damaged, chipped, or scratched. They are also quite unhygienic as longer nails accumulate a lot of germs, dust, dirt and bacteria under them.

#5. Minimize Cosmetic Use

A lot of the cosmetics available in the market are full of harmful chemicals that are damaging to your nails. Avoid using products that are experimental and stick to using minimalistic and safe cosmetics periodically. 

#6. Up Your Protein Intake 

Our nails and hair are made from a protein called keratin. Maintaining a healthy protein intake can be very beneficial in keeping nail problems at bay. Studies show that the consumption of protein supplements like HealthKart 100% Whey Protein  helps in stimulating the nail growth from the nail plate and maintains a healthy, shiny appearance of your cuticles and nails. 

#7. Avoid Water Exposure

Regardless of you using nail cosmetics or not, it is always a good idea to limit your nails’ interaction with water. Excessive water can be absorbed by the nail plate which makes it softer and more prone to breakage and scuffage. Wet hands are also prone to fungal infection of nails. A good way to avoid coming in contact with too much water would be to wear gloves while carrying out water-based chores like doing the dishes, laundry or any other work.

#8. Moisturize 

Keeping a bottle of moisturize within your reach at all times is a great way to maintain your nails. Both your hands and nails lose their moisture when you wash them or take some cosmetics off. Always make sure to moisturize your hands right after so that your nails stay hydrated and away from damage. 

#9. Change How You File

While filing your nails is important to maintain their shape and appearance, doing it wrong can have some pretty lasting effects on them. Surveys concluded that most people file their nails in a back and forth fashion, like a saw. This can cause your nails to become dry and brittle. Always make sure to file your nails in a singular direction with individual strokes. 

#10. Stay Away From Cleaners

General household cleaning products such as multi-surface cleaners are full of harmful chemicals and abrasives that can very easily strip off the natural oils on your skin. Excessive contact with such chemicals can also cause your cuticles to become dry, brittle, and prone to peeling off. Always make sure that you wear gloves while working around the house to avoid coming into contact with dangerous chemicals.

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