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Great Source Of immunity : How To Get Vitamins Wisely

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how to get vitamins

Getting your daily intake of vitamins has become more important than ever in the Covid times. While fresh produce like fruits and vegetables is a great source of immunity-boosting vitamins, you need additional nutritional support to fill any gaps. Multivitamins with zinc and other minerals are a great way to supplement your diet. 

However, you need to make sure that you choose the right vitamins to get maximum benefits. Here are some useful tips: 

Check the Formula Carefully 

The multivitamins that you choose should contain all the essential vitamins, including trace minerals like zinc mineral to give you complete nutritional support. This ensures that not just your metabolic processes but also the vital co-enzymatic processes are optimized with the right nutrients. 

Find A Product Customized For You

The daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals depend on various factors. Your age, gender and any pre-existing medical conditions determine what type of vitamin tablets you need. There are types of vitamins based on the purpose. For instance, the type of vitamin supplements you choose also depends on whether it is for general maintenance or for a specific deficiency. For instance, multivitamins with zinc like Healthkart Multivitamin With Multimineral, Amino Acids, Taurine and Ginseng Extract help you get added nutrients along with the important daily vitamins. 

Make Sure The Dosage is Correct

Ideally, a multivitamin supplement for daily use must meet the RDA or recommended daily allowance of the essential minerals and vitamins that it contains. Unless recommended by a doctor, make sure you avoid any vitamin supplement that contains megadoses of certain constituents. This can lead to complications like toxicity and hypervitaminosis that have adverse effects on your health. 

The Form of The Vitamin Matters 

how to get vitamins

Besides the constituents and the dosage, there are other parameters when it comes to choosing the right vitamin supplement. This includes the convenience, absorption, side effects, stability and quality of the multivitamins which is determined by the form of the multivitamin. The best form of a multivitamin is the effervescent, tablet or capsule form as it has the best absorption rate. One such popular vitamin supplement that also makes use of zinc is Fast and up Charge Natural Vitamin C and Zinc Tablets. You also have other forms of multivitamin like softgels, gummies and chewables. These options contain lower concentration of the essential vitamins and minerals. They are also not easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, avoid them if you are looking at regularizing your vitamin consumption. They also have a poor delivery system which means that your body is not able to make the most of the nutrients that you consume through these forms of multivitamins. 

Choose Products With High Bioavailability 

Bioavailability is the ability of the body to absorb a certain nutrient. Vitamin supplements contain different forms of vitamins and minerals like zinc mineral. Some of them are readily absorbed by the body while others are not delivered to your vital organs as effectively. Choosing the latter does not give you the expected results. For instance, when it comes to Vitamin C, the most bioavailable form is ascorbic acid which is similar to the natural form of this vitamin. If you are unsure of the best options in terms of bioavailability, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider. 

Opt For Third Party Tested Products 

Safety and efficiency of the ingredients are pivotal to choosing any supplement to include in your diet. While certain certifications like FSSAI or FDA approval are necessary for any supplement to be sold on shelves, third party testing is not mandatory. Products that opt for third party testing show that they are committed to delivering high quality products to all their customers. Third party testing ensures that: 

  • The label on the product is accurate, which means that what you see is what you get. 
  • All the products are standardized in terms of their dosage and the quality of material used. 
  • These products are free from contaminants or illegal substances. 
  • There are no undeclared ingredients in the product. 

For athletes, especially, third party tested products are very important when they are entering any competitive events. 

Do You Need Multivitamins? 

There have always been debates about including supplements in your diet. There are some cases where supplements become necessary: 

  • Your diet does not contain adequate sources of these vitamins. 
  • Your physical activity level is high and your body makes use of zinc, calcium, and other minerals and vitamins in higher quantities. 
  • You suffer from a deficiency. 
  • You need the right vitamins and minerals to support aging. 

No matter what your reason for using vitamin supplements is, always consult an expert before picking a product to make sure that it is safe and does not interfere with any other supplement or medication that you are consuming.

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