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Low Fat Diet: Supports Your Healthy Weight

low fat diet

Low fat diet plays an important role while making any weight loss meal plan. Many highly reputed health authorities have recommended 30 or less percent of daily calories from the fat.  Very low fat diets are recommended to have 10 to 15 % daily calories from the fat. But the calorie contribution must not go beyond 7 to 10 % from saturated fat. If you have fat absorption or digestion issues and high cholesterol issues, you must follow the diet.  

What is Low Fat Diet?

As the name suggests, you need to cut less than 30 percent of fat for taking calories from your diet that is called  for a low fat diet. 

Benefits Of Low Fat Diet: 

  • Weight loss
  • Limits heart risks
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Helps in diabetes

How Low Fat Diet Helps In Weight Loss?

Low fat diet without increasing the quality of food may lead to increased junk food intake. So, it is better to also use low calorie fat loss diet. Here how a low fat diet helps in weight loss. 

  • Enhanced Fullness: Many sources of good fats consist of certain types of fiber that helps you to stay fuller for longer time by reducing the amount of calories intake. 
  • Cravings at Bay: Using low calorie foods with low fat foods, you can successfully keep the cravings at bay as it is the biggest factor we gain weight unknowingly. 
  • Reduces Calorie Intake: Using low calorie meals with a low fat diet helps to suppress the appetite and enhances the burning calories and also promotes lean muscle gain

Risk of Low Fat Diet: 

  • Sugar level spikes
  • Digestion issues
  • Limits the necessary good fats
  • Good cholesterol level drop

People suffering from diabetes, heart disease or any chronic disease should consult a doctor before opting for this diet. 

Can you Lose Weight on a Low Fat Diet?

Yes, a low fat diet is as effective as low carb diets for weight loss if the situation is highly controlled. But it is not that much effective on free living obese people as many other diets are which include Paleo Diet, Intermittent Diet, Vegan Diet, Keto Diet, and others. 

Why do Simple Low Fat Diets Generally Not Work for Losing Weight?

Carbs are one of the biggest sources of stored fat in our body rather than fat itself. When we use low fat diet plan without curbing the intake of carbs in our diet, it doesn’t work in obese people to lose weight. 

Are Low Carbohydrate or Low Fat Diets More Effective for Weight Loss?

Either of them is a low calorie diet that helps you in losing weight no doubt. But if you are using one of them and neglecting the other one, it will be difficult to lose weight after a certain point of time. 

Can you do a Low Carb Low Fat Diet?

Yes, it is the best low calorie plan to have for losing weight unless you have not gone through any surgery or other medical conditions. 

Is there a Low Fat Keto Diet?

Yes, a low fat keto diet is called Lazy keto which is a very popular variation among keto lovers. These low fat meals are easy to follow for weight loss. Traditional keto meals are carefully calculated carbs, protein, fats, and calories to achieve the ketosis that burns fat in your body. But lazy keto is very less rigid than a traditional one in which you have to include low fat foods and also be very careful about your carbs intake. 

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