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Zinc for Colds, Rashes, and the Immune System

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

multivitamins with zinc

One of the most commonly overlooked minerals in our daily balanced diet is zinc. 

Zinc is an essential inorganic micronutrient required for promoting the optimal functioning of our body. It cannot be naturally synthesized by the human body and has to be absorbed from external sources such as food or multivitamins with zinc. The main use of zinc in our body is to aid the production of cells and resist infections. 

Research has shown that zinc, which is the second most abundant trace mineral in our body, helps in stabilising blood sugar levels, healing injuries, promoting bone growth, and aiding the creation of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).

However, there is a rising prevalence in the lack of zinc amongst several Indians owing to the increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A survey conducted in 2012 indicated that nearly 27% of the Indian population suffered from a zinc deficiency. 

Therefore, this may be a good time to focus on the intake of this supplement either through the foods we eat or through the use of zinc tablets as a supplement. 

Health Benefits Of Consuming Zinc 

Zinc plays a major role in the growth and development of your body and is responsible for carrying out various functions that sustain it. Read on to find out more on the use of zinc in the body: 

Fighting Cold 

A primitive analysis of several studies conducted since 1984 indicated that the supplementation of zinc was helpful in reducing the symptoms of a common cold. 

Diseases like common cold and sore throat are often caused by being exposed to a virus called Rhinovirus, which primarily thrives in nasal passages and the throat. The use of zinc medicine has shown to inhibit the multiplication of rhinovirus in the upper respiratory system, especially among the nasal passages. 

Treating Skin Rash

A skin rash is a reddened, swollen, and irritable patch on the skin that is produced due to inflammation. The body initiates inflammation as a natural response to wounds and infections. This is a common occurrence among people with weakened immune systems.

Research indicates that the regular consumption of the best zinc tablets is beneficial in reducing the oxidative stress exerted on the body and thereby effects of certain inflammatory proteins as well. Based on similar findings, Zinc supplements for acne are also known to be very effective. 

Boosting The Immune System

Various clinical trials have been established by regularly taking a reliable zinc supplement the body gets help with boosting immune cells and cell signaling. It also helps in the formation of neutrophils and large granular lymphocytes. This function is supplemented by zinc’s antioxidant properties, which helps in the stabilization of membranes. 

Consuming the best zinc supplement on a regular basis also helps enhance the action of lymphoid cells, which play a major role in repairing the damage caused by pathogens on the body. It also maintains body fluids and promotes the body’s immune response.

Recommended Dosage 

The amount of zinc that you need to consume depends on your body composition. However, the Food And Nutrition Board has determined that the recommended daily dosage of zinc for adults to be around 15-30 mg, with a tolerable upper intake of 40 mg. 

It is vital that you make sure to meet these requirements as a deficiency of zinc can lead to complications such as weakened immune response, fertility issues, dry skin, and thinning hair. 
While the consumption of natural food sources like shellfish and poultry can be a good source of zinc, they often fail to fulfill your recommended allowance. Supplementing your daily balanced diet with the best zinc tablets as nutritional supplements can be a good way to ensure that this gap is filled. However, you must make sure to always consult a medical practitioner before supplementing your diet to prevent any unwarranted side effects.

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