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10 Foods High In Essential Minerals

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

minerals rich food

The human body requires several minerals for optimal function. When it comes to nutrition, essential minerals need additional focus because the body is not capable of manufacturing them. Therefore, when it comes to calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, copper, potassium, phosphorus and zinc minerals, you need to include foods that are rich in these minerals. It is best to choose healthy sources that contain a host of different minerals so that you can get the daily recommended intake despite the large number of minerals required by the body. 

Here is a list of 10 healthy foods that are rich in essential minerals: 



Out of the 8 essential minerals, nuts contain 7. This includes iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper, and zinc minerals. They are also beneficial in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body and increase your consumption of healthy fats. Nuts give you an instant boost of energy and can be easily consumed on the go. 

Lentils and Beans 

Lentils and Beans

The use of zinc, selenium, calcium, and other essential minerals in the body are multifold. So, you cannot concentrate on foods that are rich in a single type of mineral. Lentils and beans are the best addition to your diet as they contain 6 of the 8 important minerals. Kidney beans, soybeans, chickpeas, and white beans have the highest content of minerals among the others. 

Dark Leafy Greens 

Dark leafy greens

Dark leafy greens have always been considered a rich source of immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. They contain potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium, and iron. These vegetables are low in calories and are ideal for a balanced diet that is aimed at weight loss as well. They are a good source of protein and are known for keeping your cholesterol in check. 



Besides being the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, fish contains 5 essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, selenium, phosphorus and potassium. To make the most of a diet that is rich in fish, you can also use zinc supplements like Healthkart HK Vitals Zinc Complex to make up for any minerals that are not present in them. Fish helps keep the heart healthy by preventing blood clotting and regulating vessel constriction as well. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish also reduce inflammation in the body and are particularly beneficial in reducing arthritis symptoms. 



Seeds like squash seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds are the best replacement for unhealthy snacks. These seeds are rich in calories. Therefore make sure you consume only 1 or 2 handfuls each day. Each type of seed has a higher content of a particular mineral. For instance, pumpkin seeds give you a rich source of iron. These seeds are also fiber rich, which helps improve digestion and absorption of other nutrients that you consume regularly. 



Shellfish contain zinc minerals, phosphorus, copper, selenium and iron. They are also a great source of vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids which improve overall health. The best kinds of shellfish to consume in order to improve your mineral intake are mussels, oysters, clams and scallops. They also keep your bones healthy and improve the immune function of the body. 



4 of the 8 essential minerals can be found in mushrooms. The use of zinc, selenium, potassium, and copper that are found in mushrooms includes reduced diabetes, obesity, and risk of heart disease. Mushrooms are also among the highest natural sources of protein. They help improve complexion and healthy hair growth. The high antioxidant content in mushrooms helps reduce any free radical damage to the tissues and cells. This boosts immune response and improves overall health. 

Whole Grains 

Whole Grains

The body efficiently makes use of zinc, phosphorus, iron and selenium found in whole grains as they contain a higher concentration of these minerals. The best whole grains to include in your diet are buckwheat, quinoa, wheat germ and oatmeal. You also get a good source of energy-boosting carbohydrates. They control cholesterol levels in the body, regulate blood sugar and also keep your colon healthy. The high fiber content in whole grains improves nutrient absorption and digestion. 

Yoghurt and Milk 

Yoghurt and Milk

These food products contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. When consumed with a balanced diet and healthy supplements like Healthkart Multivitamin with Multimineral, you can ensure that you get your daily required intake of all the important minerals. These food sources also contain strains of probiotic bacteria that help boost the immune system. 

Lamb and Beef 

Beef and lamb

Beef and lamb are rich in phosphorus, iron, selenium, and zinc minerals. Choose leaner cuts of these meats as they have fewer calories and lesser cholesterol. These meats contain iron which is absorbed effectively by the body in order to prevent issues like anemia. The use of zinc in these meats includes maintenance and growth of the body.

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