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10 Aloe Vera Uses And Side Effects You Must Know About

Aloe Vera uses are many but not all are commonly known. Using Aloe Vera juice for health and Aloe Vera gel for beauty can work wonders for many.

Aloe Vera is an ingredient that needs no introduction. It has become a rage in the beauty and health world because of its beneficial properties. You can consume aloe vera juice for a healthy body and use aloe vera gel in your beauty regime to get a flawless and radiant skin. It also works wonders for your hair. 
This green colored plant stores water in its leaves making them fleshy and thick. When you slice through an aloe vera leaf, what you get it fresh aloe vera gel. Apart from the gel, the leaf also produces sap called aloe latex. This sap is loaded with nutrients and is beneficial for your body and hair. But if you think all this is too much of a hassle, the easy alternative is to buy aloe vera gel online. You can also purchase aloe vera juice online or from the market. Include it in your daily diet for a healthier you.

Be it sun burn, dull lifeless skin, a rash or a cut, dry frizzy hair, aloe vera will help you with a lot of your skin and hair problems. It is also known to fight acne and blemishes effectively. Mix aloe vera gel with a few drops of lemon and use this as a night treatment. Use it regularly and you’ll see blemishes and dark spots reduced. 

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Aloe Vera Uses 
Using one or the other form of aloe vera would have great benefits for your skin, hair, and overall health. You may use Aloe vera for the face in various ways. Also using aloe vera juice in limited quantity can be beneficial for your health. Start your day with an aloe vera gel drink. 
If you have an aloe vera plant, you can extract organic aloe vera gel. But for all those who think it is a tedious task, you can easily buy aloe ver gel online or from the market. 

Aloe Vera Uses For Skin
The thick gel is known to be highly beneficial for your skin. It fights dry and flaky skin by keeping it hydrated and moisturized. If your skin is feeling dull and tired, you can use aloe vera gel as a quick face pack, you can add aloe vera gel in your DIY face packs to make them more effective. 

1. Prevents Premature Aging 

Fine line and wrinkles are first signs of pre-mature skin ageing. Rather than spending a bomb on cosmetic treatments and chemical products, it is a good idea to take care of your skin from an early age. 
Use aloe vera gel for face and let it work its magic. Aloe vera leaf is enriched with a host of antioxidants like beta-carotene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. All these ingredients improve your skin’s texture and help keep the natural firmness intact. 

Aloe Vera face pack –
Mix 1 tsp each of aloe vera gel and instant oatmeal with ½ tsp olive oil to form a smooth paste. Apply it all over your face and neck and let it dry for 30 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. While oatmeal will scrub your face, olive oil with add nourish, and aloe vera gel will replenish the lost moisture. 

2. Helps Soothe Sunburn and Reduce Tan 

Aloe vera gel acts a protective layer for the skin to replenish the moisture. It provides great healing activity at the epithelial level of the skin. Because of its high antioxidant content, the skin heals faster. 
Refrigerate aloe vera gel for a couple of hours and apply a generous amount on sun burnt skin. It would give instant cooling and would also heal your skin.

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3. Effective In Treating Rashes and Cuts 
Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera gel is effective in calming insect bites and rashes on the skin. You can use it as a topical treatment even for small cuts. 
The soothing property of aloe vera gel makes it effective to be used as an after shave lotion. You can also use it after waxing or shaving your arms and legs. It’ll cool your skin and replenish the lost moisture. 

Aloe Vera Uses For Hair 

 1. A Great Conditioner 
The conditioning power of aloe vera is such that it can even give high-end conditioners a run for their money.  Aloe vera is rich in proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes remove dead cells and help in cell regeneration, thus, repairing your hair. 
Aloe vera is moisturizing in nature. It nourishes and strengthens your hair and gives it a natural shine as well. You can use aloe vera gel as a conditioner after shampoo, or even as a leave in conditioner. 
Mix equal parts aloe vera gel and water in a spray bottle. Spray this concoction at the ends of your hair. It’ll keep frizz at bay and give you silky smooth hair.
2. Maintains pH Balance Of The Scalp 
The ideal pH balance of our scalp is 5.5. When this balance is disrupted, it leads to hair problems. A large number of shampoos contain surfactants. Since these are alkaline in nature, they may alter the normal pH of your scalp. 
To restore moisture and pH of your hair, aloe vera is a great ingredient. It gives your hair a smooth texture and helps in hair growth.

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3. Helps get rid of dandruff 
If you are battling dandruff and problems related to dandruff like flaky, itchy scalp, then aloe vera enriched shampoo can come to your rescue. Dandruff can be caused either due to the oily scalp or due to an infection on the scalp. Aloe vera gel is the solution to all these problems. It is very effective in removing dead skin cells and unclogs your pores. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties fight against infection. 


Aloe Vera Uses for Health 

1. Reduces Inflammation 
Using aloe vera juice can reduce inflammation. The cause of inflammation in our body is the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants 
You can easily buy aloe vera drink and drink it. Using aloe vera capsules is also a good idea. Aloe vera juice can also prove useful in arthritis and rheumatism. 

2.  Aids in Digestion 
Consuming aloe vera juice every day is a healthy practice. Using Aloe vera improves digestion and provides relief from ulcers. But it is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor to avoid any aloe vera juice side effects. 

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3. Boosts immunity 
Aloe vera is known to boost immunity. Aloe vera causes cells to produce nitric oxide and cytokines which give that much-needed boost to your immune system. 

4. Great for oral health 
Various studies have revealed that aloe vera is as effective as any toothpaste when it comes to maintaining oral health. It treats wounds in the mouth and helps keep your gums moisturized. It also reduces swelling and inflammation of gums. The anti-bacterial properties keep cavity-causing germs at bay. 

Aloe Vera Side Effects 
Like they say, an excess of everything is bad. There might be chances that aloe vera might not suit your skin or body and can lead to side effects of aloe vera. Some people are generally allergic to aloe. This allergy is most common in people who are allergic to plants in the Liliaceae family (aloe vera is a part of this plant family). Plants in this family are – lilies, onion, garlic, hyacinths, and tulips. 
You can be affected by aloe vera gel side effects or aloe vera juice side effects. 

These are some of the side effects of aloe vera you must know about:

  • Aloe latex, which is a component of the aloe vera leaf may be unfit for consumption. It may cause gastrointestinal problems, stomach pain, ulcers, intestinal obstruction, and appendicitis. If consumed in large quantity it can be fatal.  
  • Consuming aloe vera juice might cause your blood sugar level to drop. If you are diabetic, this can be a major concern. Thus, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor. 
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should strictly stay away from aloe vera juice because of its irritant qualities. It may stimulate uterine contractions in pregnant women. This may lead to birth defects in your child or even miscarriage. 
  • Drinking aloe vera juice may cause allergic reactions for some like – rashes on the skin, itchy skin, difficulty in breathing, hives, tightness of chest, swelling of the face, lips, or mouth, and throat irritation. 
  • Drinking unprocessed aloe vera juice may lead to electrolyte imbalance and dehydration in the body. 
  • Aloe vera juice can also lower potassium level in your body. This may cause irregular heartbeat and weakness. Thus, elderly people and people with a medical history should not drink aloe vera juice. 
  • If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or any gastrointestinal problems, then you should not consume aloe vera juice. Due to the laxative effects of the plant, excess consumption may cause loose motions, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.
  • An overdose of aloe vera juice may lead to building up in the pelvis, which can have an adverse effect on your kidneys.  

Consuming limited amount of aloe vera juice on the recommendation of your doctor is fine. These side effects crop up when people consume excessive amount, higher than the recommended dosage.

You can buy aloe vera pills online and have them to get all the benefits of aloe vera. The Egyptians called aloe vera, the ‘plant of immortality’. Now that you know the various uses, you may also agree with the Egyptians. 

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